Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Happy 16th Birthday Jaden

Dear Jaden-
Happy 16th Birthday!! I was just telling Dad, Nana, and friends that this year feels so different. I am so happy for you that you are experiencing life in new way as you are gaining wisdom and maturing. Along with all the teenage stuff you also get to make more of your own choices. You are driving a car!! I can't believe it. You are looking into getting a job in the next year and now you are up in the morning even before I am most mornings. It is bittersweet to see your children grow. I love that you are truly becoming who you are but with that personal growth means that your childhood is almost over. I want to do everything we can these next few years, before you get ready to leave for college. I have a huge lump in my throat even saying it and thinking it. It is selfish of me Jaden and I am not afraid to say it!! Each day you make me laugh with your quick wittiness and creative mind. We can talk for hours about everything. We watch movies together, play games, and you are are my shopping buddy. Most of all I am so proud of your character. Sometimes you get unorganized and I have to get you to stay on task but those are things we all work on. You sometimes procrastinate and enjoy playing video games a little to much but after all you are a teenager. One thing that I can say with confidence is that you are a honest and humble person. You would help anyone. I tell people that I would trust you with my life as far as how honest and dependable you are when it matters. You really know when to be responsible when you have to be. The beginning of the year is always a bit rough. I think you are in a better groove now that you have a calendar with your earned game time (: ha ha. You are going out of your way to be kind to people at church, school, and this week I caught you and Lauren laughing and genuinely having fun. There has been less arguing and more of you stepping up and being a good example to your sister. You are learning what true friendship looks like and how to extend a hand. Seeing you comfortable and okay with who you are is a good thing. I love that you love cats, reading, movies and all your tech stuff. You have a wide array of interests and talents. I don't think you have completely expressed your artistic ability but you think very creatively. I love to hear you write, you have such a gift as a writer. You are still deciding on a career path as you are still not sure. For a while it was a lawyer but then you realized you would have to know Latin and now you are not sure, ha ha. Hola, two years of Spanish didn't get you to far in the foreign language department. (:  You have thought about medical devices, genetics, and engineering. You really enjoy computers and tech but also building. So who knows, but I can not wait to see where your mind takes you. One really positive thing that has changed in the last year is that you have grown a ton. You have grown about 5" in a year and gained 30 pounds and you are still not done. I think this has helped your confidence and has made you overcome some of the challenges you faced last year. You are actually eating us out of the house. I almost have to say stay home when I go to the grocery because my bill doubles each time you come. I am so glad you are healthy and eating so I will never complain about that. Each day is a gift to be your parents, you make us proud. One day when you become a parent you will have many feelings. One of the best ones is when you think of your child and the love you have for them just beams from within with pride and for the gratefulness that they are yours. God has big plans for you and He loves you more then we ever could. So unreal to measure His love, you are a difference maker!!  We love you Jaden!!
Love, Mom
(Dad too)

Just a little fun for you wake up to today, I am glad we share the same humor.
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Thursday, September 6, 2018

End of Summer, back to school

So much excitement going on!! The kids started back to school a couple weeks ago. I have a 10th grader, a 8th grader and a 5th grader. Time is unstoppable, I often don't have enough time to get it all done. After we go to events, sports, school activities and everything in between we don't stop. This has to be one of the busiest times in a mom's life when they have school age to older kids. When they were little the activities were less involved and less homework. With after school tutoring, clubs and going to friends houses I often stay hydrated on coffee. This year two of my three kids have brand new schools. I am so thankful for their wonderful schools and teachers. Jaden's high school is as big as a college. It's absolutely beautiful and enormous. He will be the first graduating class, they are only doing freshman and sophomores this year and then every year adding the next class. I also joined the PTO at the new high school. It's been a great fit, I really love helping getting the new school off to a good start. I run all the social media pages so I stay more then busy with that, plus all our open houses and selling of spirit wear. We have a nice group of woman, it really is a good thing for me to stay busy and be involved. I love meeting all our parents and helping in anyway I can. I don't have much longer with Jaden until he is off to college ):  Lot's of First Day photos below. It's been a yearly tradition for us to take photos and for Rob and I to see them off and for us to have a day together.

My awesome neighbor offered to take Lauren to school each day. His wife is also our dentist. They are the best family. It works out great as the girls are all friends and this gives them social time together in the mornings. I no longer have to spend four hours a day in the car. Lauren gets a bus home for her new school, praise God. Drew walks home and to school. Jaden gets a bus and can also walk home from his stop. Last year I had to drop off and pick up and the traffic and schedule was unbearable. I did this for a couple years. This year I am up early but its a bit different and way less stressful. 
A mom in our neighborhood hosted a 5th grade pool party, Lauren had so much fun. She is doing so well. Besides the sneaking of her iPad, she is a good girl. She loves that stinking iPad, just today I finally asked her if she happened to wake up and play it in the night?  After two days of sleeping in the mornings and not wanting to eat breakfast I figured it out. Why yes someone takes a nap from 9:00pm till about 2:00am and has some iPad time. Oh Lauren!! She is a fun girl, full of witty humor, creative, helpful. It's hard to stay mad long. She was very mad at Rob when he tried showing her how to do her locker combo at first. After about ten attempts she is now the pro and she went into school helping everyone. I got a note sent to me a Students Achieving Excellence on the first day, saying how awesome she is. Well teacher she does have a bit of  attitude but like Miss Lauren herself says, "We all have our moments." 
Ohhhh!! Look someone got their temp. license. What a nightmare we waited four hours!! As you can see below it felt like I was in some Sci-Fi movie or the walking dead. We waited forever with our forty pieces of documents waiting for the okay. Now this guy is learning to drive. Hard to believe. It takes another 6 months to achieve your license here in TX. It's a much longer process then I thought
Drew and Lauren insisted on coming, I have no idea why. After the three hour mark I think they really regretted their decision! Some of these photos below are from this summer. Since I am so far behind I just posted everything random and out of order. When we went to Disney the kids wanted these meal kits. They were fun, you can buy them on Amazon these were from Japan at Epcot. 

Jaden has a awesome opportunity to go to MD Anderson, which is one of the leading cancer hospitals in the country. He went with a group of students possibly interested in a medical career. We are trying to expose him to all kinds of careers before he makes his big decision in the coming years. He loved it and what a amazing time he had. It was all day downtown in the Medical Center. He got to use the test-model to run tests performed on cancer patients, how to scrub in for surgery, cancer research discussions lead by physicians and medical sales. He really liked medical sales and how they assist the Dr's in surgery with tools and education. I was so proud of him, because to be dropped off downtown at a huge hospital all day with kids he didn't even know takes courage. He was able to talk to Dr's and ask questions too. I took my other kids out to breakfast super early. We lived the city life for the day. Houston has some really nice areas downtown that are fun and interesting. After I took them to the science museum and then to look at the gardens.

Rob and I got to go away for a night in Dallas, my mom and dad watched the kids. I am so not used to living the Spa life. I totally enjoyed it, Rob golfed with work. I got to go the Four Seasons and enjoyed the spa. I can't believe how wonderful massages are!
The week or so before school was crazy, we went with Rob to a golfing tournament. I dropped him off and we went back to school shopping. BUC-EE'S of course, we hit the mall. Back to school shopping with two teenagers and a pre-teen. Not the most fun experience! First they needed a certain type of shoe, then a certain color. So we wait, then order a pair that gets lost so no shoes. We went back again to get the shoes. Who said boys are easy with clothes, I have one FashionHesta for sure. Oh Jaden and Drew made a lie detector test above, by sweat on your hands, very creative I must say.
The kids had their dental cleanings right before school starting, yes my awesome neighbor. My dental anxiety has gone down. Lauren had two cavities, her brushing skills don't lie. She did great actually much better then the boys have ever done. A trip to Freddy's kids love this place, I actually do too!! I love me some Freddy's and Whataburger. I eat mostly healthy but I love burgers and fries.
I can't remember where Drew was, I think he was at his friends Adams. Enjoying the Woodlands, such a nice place to live. Mostly great weather although it's been really hot this August. Kids playing football, its a great time raising these kids there is never a dull moment!

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Monday, August 20, 2018

Where did the time go??

This summer was like a blur...We did so much. It also was a rough summer. I now have a 15 yr old a 13 yr old and a 11 yr old. Lots of getting on each others nerves!! It was a bit rough but after a pep talk we seem to be back on track. For Father's Day we took Rob to ifly, Lauren went with her class last year and loved it so I thought it would be a good gift. He loved it so then the kids all wanted to do it too.

We did simple stuff like flying kites too, flying a kite is actually therapeutic (: Jaden and I started volunteering once a week at Petsmart. We both love it and Drew goes sometimes too. Jaden loved this big orange kitty named Rudy, he was one of his favorites and he got adopted! I loved this big guy his name was Fancy. He is thirteen with no teeth, so sweet he also got a home!! We had Pirate a kitty with one eye, and tripod a kitty with three legs.They all want love!

Last year they loved going to the Health Museum and going to the Real Lab. They went again and loved it once again. We went to all the museums and the kids could not get enough of them.
I started the kids and Rob on a exercise program, Camp mom!! Well no one has lasted but we did it for a whole month. I am at least trying to install a healthy lifestyle. It does not help that it is 100 degrees outside. Everyone is trying to stay active at least even walking. To many video games are played if allowed around here. Fortnite was the game of the summer and it sure sucked down a lot of time. I did learn some dance moves to embarrass my kids with. 
Nana and Grandpa came once for a weekend to help with our master bath remodel. We have not gotten to far. Between work, kids and life it's defiantly been a slow process. I will have more pics soon. Hudson still jumps in the pool every chance he can get if we are in. Or if another dog comes over to play he always gets in to show off his pool, dog is the best!
Fourth of July and then Tennis Camp for Drew. He did well but once again Texas heat is no joke.

Craziest thing, I met this sweet lady through my mom. They used to work in the same medical building in Albuquerque. She only lives about 45 min! We took a nice country drive and went over to their house and had a great time. They were great, the world is so much smaller then we realize.
Lauren and her friends, love these girls. They were playing with Vader (black gerbil) and Oreo (black and white gerbil) Drew's gerbils. Poor Oreo acted like she had a stroke but she has made a full recovery and is as good as new. They are two years old so not much time left, but what great pets they have been.
Lastly can we get a Amen... I have many more photos to post, but I have been crazy busy with back to school, PTO and everything else. Best job in the world to be a mom and glad I have teenagers. I will have to do some blog posts about teens one day.
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