Thursday, January 9, 2020

God is greater then the highs and lows

My blog I have had for over a decade seems to be coming to an end soon. I look back on so many memories and miss when the kids were little that is for sure. I have grown as a person in many ways and have meet some incredible people. Life is moving so fast and with having almost three teenagers at once life is not dull. I want to post a few pictures, of the last few months and then bring my family blog to an end. I feel many of the events in their lives are theirs to tell and not mine to share with the world as they are getting older. They are amazing kids, and they have taught me so much about life and each one of them has stretched me and my beliefs. Teenagers are insightful special people who struggle and overcome many of the things adults still have not figured out. They teach me and I hope that I have helped then this far on their journeys. We still have many more lessons and years ahead but I'm so thankful I documented the early years so they can go back and read about their childhoods. I want to include one of the biggest trials to date before I close. This summer I noticed a black mole on Rob's leg. He has a lot of freckles and moles but this one was different. It took a couple months to get into to see the dermatologist but once he went she took off the mole, and didn't seem to concerned. He got a call a few days later that it was Melanoma Cancer. He had no words, it was kind of like the movies where the Dr. calls and all you hear is the word Cancer and then everything else fads out. His life flashed before his eyes, and the dread of telling the kids and I was the last thing he ever wanted to do. He said it was the worst day of his life. Those moments in life God really does show up when you can't even see tomorrow. Not sure how but I said the right words to help him and to support him. The numerous thoughts I had were overwhelming and exhausting. Telling the kids, terrible. For a few days we barley ate, we prayed, hugged and went in to talk to the dermatologist who didn't give us much hope. This cancer can spread into organs and reading information from the Internet didn't help. The next step was MD Anderson which we are so grateful to have in our. backyard Once we were there we felt much better and had some hope. I also joined a facebook group for people going though melanoma who gave us so much encouragement that there was new treatments and they showed such love. Although it's an aggressive cancer it can be treated if caught early enough. After a few tests, Rob got a weird CT result which could be nothing or the result of the cancer spreading so it had to be sent to a group of Dr's to look at. Surgery was just a day away, talk about nerves. His surgery went well, the boys both came and my mom came. Lauren stayed at my friend Jen's since we had to be there at 5:00 am. As we walked into the surgery area the nurse was blasting praise and worship music it was just yet another reminder that God had us. We had many moments of this, feelings of calmness when we should have not, God speaking though music. The song I'm Going To See A Victory, and Raise A Hallelujah just spoke to all of us. The day of surgery was peaceful and the CT finding was nothing, surgery went well and Rob had zero pain! Many miracles happened and the greatest was that we both surrendered completely to trust God in our darkest time. We really felt Him, there is no doubt! Someone told me  F-A-I-T-H (forget all I trust Him) that really resonated with me. I will include a few of the facebook post and pictures to remember this journey. We still will have to follow this closely but feel thankful for each day. Life is a true gift, and a privilege to get older.
We had friends cook for us, bring us gifts, pray for us. So many people reached out, there is a lot of unreal beautiful people in this world. It was only a couple weeks from diagnosis to surgery so the love and friendship was so important. The hospital had a cancellation and we were able to come a few weeks early. It was then about 5 days till we head from Dr. Fisher, She was his amazing surgical oncologist that his margins and lymph nodes were clear. Best news I have ever heard, I fell to the ground and thanked God!
A week later Rob got to go to the World Series here in Houston, I was so happy he got to go. He has always loved baseball! The Dr. had to take a huge section so all the cancerous tissue was clear and then they ran dye up his leg to find his affected lymph nodes and removed one to test it. The boot was Rob's least favorite part, he was back to work in just a few days. He did incredible and had a great attitude even though he was pretty nervous on surgery day. I don't think I have ever saw him that nervous. So happy a few weeks later Rob celebrated his 44th Birthday. We love you!

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