Saturday, September 21, 2019

Happy 15th Drew

Dear Drew-
Happy 15th Birthday my handsome sweet boy! I am so proud of the man you are becoming. The last year you have changed so much. You are a freshman in high school now and you are really blooming. You started playing the guitar after you found dad's old guitar in the closet, next thing you know you asked to take lessons. You go every week and can play so many songs, it's unreal. You can play riffs to Metallica, Nirvana, Gun's N Roses, and more. You joined Debate this year with Jaden and you are having the best time. You are really putting yourself out there. You are doing medical terminology class and joined HOSA which is a medical club. You are a good student and put in a great effort. You are a sweet guy and will make a good husband some day. You like to make food for others and give back rubs. You still like drawing and fashion and enjoy a lot of different kinds of music. You are a pretty easy going guy, you have a few moments usually weekly but you straighten it out pretty fast. Never be afraid to shine your light, you are going to do great things with your compassionate heart. You love to help others and love animals. You are not afraid to love God and love others, you have good character and go out of your way to help others. I am so proud of you when you tell me you help the special needs kids in PE and go out of your way to be nice to people who are struggling. Not many 15 year olds have that heart! You are a gift.

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