Friday, May 3, 2019

Spring Break part 2

Next stop beautiful Roatan! It was so beautiful it took my breath away when we got to our little island getaway. We first were taken to the sloth and monkey hangout which we all loved so much!! I have always wanted to hold a sloth. We got to hold sloths, birds and monkeys. To think the owners all  the way down to Honduras liked Ohio State and the Steelers, crazy.

We took a boat road to the private beach called Little French Key, it was a true paradise. 

These are a little corny but I love the swing, I am a beach/ocean crazy person. I loved every second of this heaven! They even had a little zoo on the property and paddle boarding. I could seriously live here. I wonder if Amazon delivers, actually they do but it takes much much longer and it costs more. As beautiful as the country is there is crime on the main land apparently and it's not safe. On our way back we had a ride of a lifetime. The guy driving us back to the port drove in the ditch to get around 2 hours of backed up traffic. He was not messing around, we all hung on for dear life as he rode into oncoming traffic and used the ditch for his third lane. Wow!! It was like nothing we had ever seen probably the closest to death for all of us.

Jaden and I love paddle boarding

Two moms with both our families, we had the best time ever with life lasting memories!
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