Monday, February 4, 2019

New York City

Rob and I are finally got the chance to get away. My parents live much closer, kids are getting older and Drew's health has been much better the last couple years. I finally felt I was ready to leave for a few days. We had the best time. Rob had to be in NYC for work and I traveled along with him and even went to a event in the Nasdaq building. Living the fancy life of a New Yorker made me feel so grown up. I thought it was neat to see things I never visited before. I was there one other time but only for the day. This time we had four days of the city. We stayed right by Times Square, it was so cold. I defiantly am a Texan!! I did not like the cold it was so brutal and to think that was nothing being 25-40 degrees compared to what they have now. As I write I think it was 78 today in Houston!! I love the warm weather we have. I think the nostalgic Christmas with snow covered lights is quite charming but I just can't take it. I actually break out in hives on my legs from the cold, I think that is a real allergy to cold. The kids did great with my parents, they were fine. We need to do this more often for sure! Here is our view from our room. It was neat but I was so ready to go home back to Friendly TX. People don't smile, everyone is in a hurry. It made me sad even though they are probably nice people it wad a bit depressing nobody has time for anyone.

We walked everywhere, it truly is the best way to experience NYC. We even walked all the way to Wall Street, World Trade Center!! It was so cold and long but we saw so many neat Brownstones, we saw kids walking to school, China Town, Hell's Kitchen and so much more. It was like watching Blue Bloods, ha ha that is the show my husband watches to fall asleep each night. Sooo boring!
We even got to walk by the night of the tree lighting, it was crazy crowded. I felt like a sardine walking. No not for me, there were cops everywhere. It was a cool experience but to many people.
Look I found the Mothership!!I think that is the Brooklyn Bridge behind it. Rob worked and I shopped it was the weirdest TJMaxx ever. You went into a basement.

We went to the 911 Memorial so so sad, Heartbreaking!! America sure seemed so different 17 years ago, we were much more united. I saw some things that I never saw on the news. There were the real shoes and clothes of so many people with the ash still on them. All the original flyers to those that were missing. Something I will never forget. So many heroes lost their lives helping others.

This is for really 16.1 miles in one day!! Crazy thank God because we ate a lot of amazing food!!

I loved Central Park!! I think that was my favorite thing about NYC and I loved the zoo in the park, it was small but so neat.
my selfie, I was solo that day!

Homeless guy I gave money too, he had a kitten. how could I resist he was the nicest guy in NYC. Actually he saved the kitten from the dumpster and shared his story, nice guy.

See the Monkey on the rock it's like movie, Madagascar.

We had a great time!
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