Thursday, December 6, 2018

October Catch up!!

 What a crazy busy time it has been. I guess I have been living because I don't have time to post everything we do much anymore. I don't want to forget all these great family times with all our friends. We took the kids to their first Haunted Trail. I went with my friend Shannon and her family and my other good friend Jen's daughter.  Lauren got scared so she stayed with Miss Jen. It worked out perfectly and it was really fun and not to scary at all. We had a Treat or Treat trails in our neighborhood for the little kids where they go and play games. My boys and Rob and I helped run some games. Lauren is still little so she went and played the games and got more candy. Then we went back to Jen's house for more food and games!

A few days later we had Trick or Treat in the neighborhood. We have such a big neighborhood most people have a acre lot or more so we have to drive and follow a map of houses passing out candy and even some haunted houses. We hooked up a big trailer to Rob's truck and the guys all sat together while the girls and the kids all sat in the trailer. It was the best night, but of course just like last year it rained. It was bad!! It rained hard, with lighting and it was chilly. Hopefully next year will be better!! We told ghost stories and used a flash light upside down to illuminate our faces. Jen cracked us all up with her witch laugh, while in the background the lighting crashed. I guess I'm glad to have these memories it was so fitting with the ominous weather.

Lauren looked so cool, I loved her pirate girl costume!! The moms were having fun with Snap Chat, wonder why everyone is addicted to it. So fun to play with and not one wrinkle or flaw (haha) How about these terrible costumes my boys picked? Drew the insane prisoner clown, and Jaden the Saw guy!! Terrible but they actually looked really good!

Even Hudson got into the spirit, he was a Lion!!
The week before we went to see Andy Mineo and Lecrae. Drew took a picture with a up and coming artist Austin Lanier. He was so nice and noticed Drew looking at him and came over to take a picture. Such great guys! All with a positive message that reach our younger generation and... they are actually really talented. We all had a great time! I love Christian Rap, sounds crazy but the artist are so encouraging and reach this new generation and truly speak the truth. They talk about stuff we all struggle with but its uplifting and real. They had a great venue in downtown Houston, and we all could not stop talking about it especially when Andy Mineo did the what up...head nod at Drew it made is life!!!
Until next time, I have plenty more!  Christmas is coming now!!

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