Monday, December 24, 2018

All Decorated for Christmas at Our House

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Christmas and friends

A bunch of ladies and friends from our neighborhood went to the Nutcracker Market in Houston. It was so fun!! We all met early and took a big bus over to the event. It was crowed but a lot of neat decorating things and gifts. All my closest friends went so it was awesome!!

Rob's birthday was in November the kids and I got him fly fishing stuff. He has always wanted to learn, so now he can. So glad we have a Orvis store close so they can answer all his questions.
We went to my parents in November and went to Canton, TX again. It was fun but crowded!! The kids and Rob went to the car but I am glad they still wanted to go so we could all be together.  My mom is involved in her little community and helped decorate the square in their town. It looked really cute!!

I love Shannon so much!! I am so glad I met her this year! They have become very good family friends of ours! They are going to be adopting this year, I can not wait. What a blessing for the kids to be with they amazing lady! We have so much fun together!

We say Instant Family together and loved it!! We love so much of the same stuff!
 The kids pictures this year. Jaden's hair looks really dark, it is not this dark. He has grown so much and has changed so much this year.
I made these for Lauren's school, and made a big bow for their school tree. I don't do to much since I am always at the high school but enjoy helping where I can. We had the youth group over from church for our last meeting of the year. We had so many kids but we got them all in there. I really loved having small group for our kids, next year Drew can be with Jaden so that will be even better. I made all my kids and Rob run the concession stand for our high school PTO. It was really hard work. Drew learned how to make coffee, several pots. Lauren served hundreds of hot chocolates, Jaden made tacos, and nachos. Rob ran the register, we all worked our butts off!! We made $1000 for PTO!

These boys are growing up! Two teenagers, I love them so much. Different kinds of issues now parenting is not so easy all the time. They are loads of fun when everything is in check!!
Next post Christmas decor!!

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