Monday, October 22, 2018

Fall at our house

Welcome to Fall 2018! Many things I did last year but I still like them. The glass vases are just filled with branches from my yard and pine cones. All my pumpkins have been bought from all over. Some I have painted to be more muted. 

Of course no post would be complete without a terrible clown. My sons think they are so funny scaring me!! I don't want to forget this one. I think I jumped 4 feet!!

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Friday, October 12, 2018

More busy then I have ever been!!

My dog!! I found this dog for only $23 but he was a ugly red/brown. Now he is beautiful!
Things are so crazy!! I can not even remember the day most of the time. I am running everywhere and helping with everything I can. I love to volunteer and help my kids but I think I have over committed myself lately. PTO is going well but I have a busy job of running the websites and many posts and events at the high school. I just love seeing all the kids and being involved for Jaden. It was his turn to have mom around, I don't have much more time with him, ): Tonight I helped judge a debate at his high school. Talk about talented confident kids. These kids share stories, speeches, acting and so much more. I am blown away by their confidence, acting and speaking skills. These kids are Ivy league all the way. So much talent. I am really glad Jaden is involved with Speech and Debate. I am helping host a wednesday night bible study for our highs school through Woodlands Church and I love doing that too. Between volleyball, volunteering at Pestsmart, school and everything else I can barley type this but I don't want to forget this time in my memory book. Jaden below getting ready for his debate.
Here is our Wednesday night Home group. It's been so good for Jaden he is really coming out of his shell. Drew goes to the actual church with my friend Shannon on the same nights. He loves it too.
Rob and I celebrated our 19th Anniversary. I can not believe it. It's been a gift. I can't imagine my life without meeting this man. We have grown together and hopefully made each other better! My friend Shannon brought us the sweetest gift and we went out to eat and guess what brought the kids. We can pretty much go out whenever we like. No more babies and the kids can stay home. We are at a different stage in our lives that is for sure. Its hard in a different way but we have more time for each other in between all the kids activities. We love to be with our kids though so we did not mind!!
My babies!! So proud they are all becoming the people I hoped they would become. Each growing and maturing beautifully. Lauren brought home straight A's the boys both had good grades as well. They are nice kids and I could not be more proud.

I have the most amazing friends. We just have so much fun together. We all have kids and lots of busy but we have time to laugh and make life more fun together. I don't know what I would do without these girls. Allison is so cute she loves to take pictures and is the one who takes our selfies. We were eating one day and she pulls out a selfie stick. It was so funny. 

Jaden is growing and doing well. Here he is with the most remarkable and kindest Dr we have ever had his pediatrician. We love him!! He is so happy Jaden is growing and doing well. These kids are amazing I love having teenagers. Yes some tough times and mouthiness at times but they are the best, they make me laugh!!
My other baby Lauren Gracie, I just love you pretty girl. So confident and smart. I was laying in bed and the dog posed for a picture. How cute is Hudson? I just love these kids and my day to day adventures. I feel so blessed by my family and friends!! Much more to come and many more adventures. I have so many teenage posts and wisdom things but I need sleep!!

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