Friday, September 21, 2018

Happy 14th Birthday Drew

Happy 14th Birthday Drew-
Drew you are yet another year older and wiser. You are my sweet soul, and sensitive boy. You think of life in such deep ways and you love to hear and learn peoples stories. This year you continue to gain confidence in who you are. You ended up last year having all A's, and this year you are back at it. School has become very important to you as you want to do something in the medical field. You know that you have to put in the effort to become that Nurse, Dr or whatever it is that you have your heart set on. You also have a love for history. You would be a great nurse but also a great history teacher. I have no idea how you remember all the different wars and details. You are our families historian. Just recently you found Great Grandpas story written by my cousin Lisa. It moved you to tears the bravery and life story he lived. You could not believe his story about growing up in a PA farmhouse and how he left for war so young never seeing much at all of the US let alone the world. It inspired you how brave he was and what he faced while not being that much older then yourself. From having his arm shot in a foreign land to throwing a grenade to save his men you were astonished. You are very proud of your great grandpa even though he died when you were just a little guy. You seem to learn from others and gain strength in wisdom. You are a good brother and a good friend. You do have your moments especially when you are Hang-ry!!! That is when you act like your dad, food aggressive, lol. You still love watching and playing basketball, playing tennis, and video games. You are a video game master, it was very important that you made it to the leader board in Fortnite. You are all about Freddy's and Whatatburger. You love your Takis and Chipolte. I think more conversations are you talking about food and if we can go out to eat. Or we are out and we sometimes have to stop to get something because you are hungry again or should I say Hang-ry!!. I am glad you are feeling well and want to eat so I will not complain. This year you have gotten really into church and youth group. I am so glad, God will never let you down. I am so glad you love going to church!! You love music and it so happens you and I have about the same taste in music. We love our rap (:  We listen to christian(wholesome😂)  rap for the most part, hard to believe those two words go together. Maybe one day I will see you dance again, every once in a while you pull out your dance moves. You are a great dancer, and artist. Let's not forget the artistic ability. Maybe once Fortnite dies down then you will get back to it. Drew out of everything I am most proud of your character. You have a great soul. You are endearing and loving. You make others see your light and you have a way of making other feel important. Never lose that!! Continue to Shine Bright. We love you so much!
Love Mom and Dad too!!

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