Monday, August 20, 2018

Where did the time go??

This summer was like a blur...We did so much. It also was a rough summer. I now have a 15 yr old a 13 yr old and a 11 yr old. Lots of getting on each others nerves!! It was a bit rough but after a pep talk we seem to be back on track. For Father's Day we took Rob to ifly, Lauren went with her class last year and loved it so I thought it would be a good gift. He loved it so then the kids all wanted to do it too.

We did simple stuff like flying kites too, flying a kite is actually therapeutic (: Jaden and I started volunteering once a week at Petsmart. We both love it and Drew goes sometimes too. Jaden loved this big orange kitty named Rudy, he was one of his favorites and he got adopted! I loved this big guy his name was Fancy. He is thirteen with no teeth, so sweet he also got a home!! We had Pirate a kitty with one eye, and tripod a kitty with three legs.They all want love!

Last year they loved going to the Health Museum and going to the Real Lab. They went again and loved it once again. We went to all the museums and the kids could not get enough of them.
I started the kids and Rob on a exercise program, Camp mom!! Well no one has lasted but we did it for a whole month. I am at least trying to install a healthy lifestyle. It does not help that it is 100 degrees outside. Everyone is trying to stay active at least even walking. To many video games are played if allowed around here. Fortnite was the game of the summer and it sure sucked down a lot of time. I did learn some dance moves to embarrass my kids with. 
Nana and Grandpa came once for a weekend to help with our master bath remodel. We have not gotten to far. Between work, kids and life it's defiantly been a slow process. I will have more pics soon. Hudson still jumps in the pool every chance he can get if we are in. Or if another dog comes over to play he always gets in to show off his pool, dog is the best!
Fourth of July and then Tennis Camp for Drew. He did well but once again Texas heat is no joke.

Craziest thing, I met this sweet lady through my mom. They used to work in the same medical building in Albuquerque. She only lives about 45 min! We took a nice country drive and went over to their house and had a great time. They were great, the world is so much smaller then we realize.
Lauren and her friends, love these girls. They were playing with Vader (black gerbil) and Oreo (black and white gerbil) Drew's gerbils. Poor Oreo acted like she had a stroke but she has made a full recovery and is as good as new. They are two years old so not much time left, but what great pets they have been.
Lastly can we get a Amen... I have many more photos to post, but I have been crazy busy with back to school, PTO and everything else. Best job in the world to be a mom and glad I have teenagers. I will have to do some blog posts about teens one day.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Disney part 3

This was our last day and the day it rained, when I say rained I mean tsunami!! Not that hard but you get the idea, our shoes were soaked and of course every item of clothing. Of course the boys did not listen to me and didn't grab another pair of shoes just in case. "Oh mom we will be fine!! I think at one point Drew as wearing my pink flip flops because his shoes were so nasty wet. Jaden had a back of flip flops. At that point we were done, we had great weather till the last day. I don't think pajamas, pizza and wine in our room ever tasted so good. I made Rob turn on the heater to like 90 in the room!!

The India area was so pretty at Animal Kingdom, I never knew they had a small zoo area back there. I loved the lighting and the pictures on the walls. This was before the huge rain storm so all was happy here with great lighting for pictures. 

Another cool restaurant at Epcot, I think this place was supposed to be Tulum in Mexico. We loved Coco and now that we understand Day of the Dead, we really enjoyed seeing all the artifacts.
Back in Paris
It went very quick and it was a great time by all, here I am blogging and it's already August. It's been a busy summer. I have not had a lot of down time or alone time it feels like. Another post for another day as I enjoy my parenting journey into teenage hood! I am looking forward to school starting this year!! 
The way home, absolutely gorgeous. I love Louisiana, such a beautiful place. So many Spanish Moss trees, so many shore birds, tree lined homes set off the road... my kind of place. 

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