Thursday, July 5, 2018

Summer Vacation 2018

We left for Florida a couple days after school left out. We were all ready for our big Disney Vacation. These kids were so ready and excited. It's been about 4 years since we have been back and the kids are almost at the age that this might be it as far as Disney for a long time. We didn't tell them until a week before that we were going, it was a huge surprise to them. We drove, it is 14 hrs so quite a ways but we wanted to stop at the beach on the way. 
We stopped at gas station for Authentic Cajun food. My neighbor said it's the best. It was not bad and for sure a experience. We have to make sure these kids are not to sheltered living int he suburbs. They had gumbo and ate in a gas station with locals, it was fun!! We also made a quick stop to one of the stand alone Cafe Du Monde coffee shops. Can't live without those beignets.
It so happened that Rob wanted to make sure that I got to go to the beach for my Birthday!! It was so sweet of him, we drove a long way and stayed very close to the beach so I could wake up to this!! I love the beach, sweet idea and to date this was one of the best birthdays I have ever had. Clearwater beach is so beautiful, we didn't wear our swimsuits but we still got in the water half way. We were looking for seashells my favorite thing to do. The kids know I love them and they were pretty wet when we left. The shells were amazing and the water was aqua in spots. We will defiantly be back one day. My shorts were so wet I had to hang them out the window until we got to Orlando, ha ha!
We finally made it to Disney Springs, onto Disney all week!
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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Happy 11th Birthday Lauren

Today you are Eleven!! Another year and what a year you had! You had one of your best years ever. In school you did so well. You especially love Math and Science, those are your two favorite subjects. You started playing Volleyball which you did amazing, we hope you stick with it.  You also started getting into art and playing your keyboard, Pink Panther theme song is your song. You still love technology, video games and anything tech savvy. Music is huge in your life, especially 80's music. Your favorite song is Take On Me. It's to cute because I remember growing up listening to that song. You like all kinds of music as well and seem to remember each person's name and every song title. You have a great memory which you say will help you with being a police officer or joining the Navy where you can be pilot. You are a natural leader and a strong brave girl, nothing stops you when you set you mind to something. Along with that you have a your strong willed side and you have your moments... thankfully they are short lived. This year you won a huge award at your school to be your schools ambassador. Only one kid was picked in your school and you received that award. I heard from countless teachers how you help others, and help them. You love to be a helper and each teacher I spoke too raved about you and said the award was well deserved. You also ran the school announcements everyday and took great joy in that job. Just last week we picked you up from Church Camp. You had the best time ever!! When I hugged you goodbye I cried behind my glasses because I love you so much. I also was crying because I was so excited for you and for you to experience God in your life. You are adventurous and not afraid of much. You love space and mysterious creatures. You love "Big Foot" he is your favorite! You love all those shows on TV, and maybe one day you will go on your hiking adventure to find him. Not everyone gets a "Big Foot" cake. Mom is not a cake decorator but the joy on your face was priceless when you saw your cake. We are very blessed to have such a happy, fun, loving, adventurous daughter. You are so unique and have a confidence about you that is to be admired. You know who you are and you are comfortable with who you are. As your mom that is what I have been striving for you to know and believe. You are amazing and a example for the world. Shine Bright- all the time!
Mom and Dad
All grown up and off to camp for a week. You had the best time of your life. You said you zip lined, danced, had water ballon fights, Tie-dye color run, swam, banana boat, wake boarding, jumping onto a inflatable blob into the lake and much more. So happy for you and we all missed you so much!! Things were not the same especially when we went out to eat and I said "five" only to say "oh, no "four" a piece of our family was missing.
Happy Brothers to come get you, a hour later it was back to the same crazy but hey you know they missed you!
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