Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Organizing and Family

I decided one day enough was enough. I had stacks of school papers, photos, art work, report cards, school notes, memories just thrown in bins and the bins were so full they were not even shutting. I guess my life is very hectic lately, gone are the days of staying home hours upon hours and not having to go anywhere. Back when the kids were little although I was tired I had a very organized house. They would play or watch a movie and I had time to clean and organize. Now I am going everywhere all the time. I came up with a plan. My friend Shannon gave me a antique dresser that she was going to give away. So I painted it and thought I could use it as extra storage. I still have three baby bins with all the kids baby stuff and then I have three dresser drawer designated to each one of them that should give me a few more years. This way I don't just have stacks of junk.  Look at these pictures....Anyway it was a trip down memory lane. I seriously was depressed for a few days after doing this. It made me sad seeing how time has passed so quickly realizing raising kids is just a blink. It wasn't all sad but a happy sad just loving at picture and seeing the kids grow up. There were so many milestones and sad photos too of Drew's hospitals stays. The emotions of a family and everything we have gone through the good and the bad has been documented. I am really proud of our family, we have overcome a lot of challenging good and bad times whenever that is the kids health, adoption, moving and just normal life. We are still all here and better in so many ways, these times have made us who we are. I even had all our first love letters and notes saved in big bundle. We were just kids when we met. I was eighteen and he was twenty two, two years later we were married.  Looking back on that young girl I would have told her so much but would have I even wanted to know. Part of life is the learning and the journey of figuring it out and experiencing growth. I have known Rob now for almost 21 years, more then half my life. Everyone said I was to young but it was the best decision of my life. I would not have the family I have or be who I am without him.

Here it is all painted and under my stair storage, this is where we go during storms or hurricanes it's a nice little space for storage. Now each kid has a drawer and I have a drawer for my mom mementos and one on top of old family photos. I feel so much better abut this space, now I can actually find stuff. One day each kid will enjoy looking through all their memories.
Getting ready for summer!! My Grandma came to visit all the way from Ohio with my Aunt, I believe she is 92!! We showed her around , she really liked HEB. She watched me a lot growing up and showed me how to cook and braid hair. She is a bit of a perfectionist and has a funny sense of humor, always a story. It was so nice to see everyone and I am so glad she made it down to TX!!

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