Monday, April 23, 2018

Camp and Tennis

I love these pictures so much!! The boys went to their camp last weekend for kids with chron's disease. It is such a great experience because they get to do some amazing things. Many people don't realize but when your kids has any sort of medical complication it's not easy to send them to camp. They are getting older so I am not as scared but it is so reassuring that their are nurses and Dr's there. They get to meet other kids that have gone through some stuff many of the kids at the camp have even had liver transplants. So the boys got to hear from some kids that have gone through some really scary stuff but it all makes them not feel not so alone. They also get to do the most amazing things ever!! Zip lining, parties, great food,sports, fishing horseback riding, recording studio, canoeing, petting zoo's and fishing and more. The camp itself is beautiful and the people who work there and  the volunteers are angels on earth. One the way we had to stop and see the bluebonnets that are at their peak.
Drew is a huge history guy, we were driving on a back road and he wanted to see a old graveyard. He came across the grave of William Travis's son grave. Travis was a lieutenant in the Texas Army during the The Texas Revolution and died during the Alamo. It was unexpected and he was able to share the with his teacher which she now is going to check out.

 So beautiful!! I love Texas we have hills and country and beach and desert and farms all within a few hours of our house it seems. Picture is super dorky of me but I just love these flowers!! Lauren had a great weekend because it was all about her no boys around. We went out to eat a couple times, she went to Volleyball and we went to church on Saturday because we went Sunday to pick up the boys. She is so athletic, and volleyball is going well. She is getting it and is so strong. She also won the Dude Perfect hat below at church for throwing a football in a basketball hoop across the gym. Of course Miss Little Competitive with her amazing arm got it after a couple tries, she won the hat! She was so excited and proud.
Love this picture and these two.
Drew is doing well in Tennis, but last week got a sinus infection so missed his match. He really enjoys it and is doing well. The kids are nice and it's a great sport for him.
Super proud of him, he plays doubles mostly and they play well together. This week we have another match, can't wait!!
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Friday, April 20, 2018

Easter and Beach Day

We had such a nice Easter, great church service and look who I ran into Lauren's teacher!! I love her she has been nothing but great to Lauren and me too!! 
Boy these baskets look tiny, the life of teenagers and my one little one left!! The kids want gift cards, and of course money! Sounds terrible we go from church to our annual family Easter egg hunt which consists of hidden money in eggs, ha ha. They absolutely love looking for plastic eggs with money. This year I added a few more golden eggs with a little more money in those, and one egg with the jackpot. Easter is so important to us but saying all this they are kids and this is pure fun. Also tooo funny that Easter feel on April Fools this year.

A stop at Buc-ee's of course and onto Galveston area. It's not the best beach but still the ocean which is better then a lake in my book. I would still live there!! It's not to far and I love the beach so anyway I get the beach I am thrilled.
Love these kiddos!! Even Hudson had fun!

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Backyard and Garden

Spring is in the air, finally some warm weather. For Houston I feel like our spring has been cold. It's been very low humidity we have not even swam in our pool, it is still cold. I moved some stuff around in the back and got a few more chairs. All this stuff is odds and ends, mostly bought from all over. I very rarely shop for anything, these treasures just show up and I pull it all together. Those two glass containers on the coffee table used to be old lamps but they looked dated. I just decided to take the fake looking shells out and replace them with real shells and use them as glass containers. I love to reuse items and repaint things. Some of my favorite things in my house went from trash to treasure. Everything in my house kind of matches, not in a matchy matchy way but everything is in a similar style so that makes moving stuff all around and shopping the house easy.

 My Garden is amazing this year, probably from the cold winter and mild spring. Everything is growing crazy, hard to believe we built this a couple years ago and now we have a huge beautiful colorful garden.

I also started this ivy a couple years ago, it is really taking off. Such a beautiful time of year here, everything is blooming and green. Besides Drew's terrible allergies in March this is our state's prettiest time. Hard to believe we are almost in May!!
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