Thursday, March 29, 2018

Happy Spring, what's been going on

Such a honor to meet Nick Vujicic!! If you don't know who he is look up his videos, he has to be the most inspiring human on the planet. I have been following him for years but never thought I would meet him. We started Going to Woodland Church a few months ago. Its been a long journey finding a church home but we are finally there. We wanted to stay closer to our side of town thinking the kids would see friends from school etc but it just never worked out. Many churches are either younger families, or older people. Teenagers are a bit tougher to find their niche, my boys are spiritually mature but they also struggle with what every other teen struggles with. I also made some big changes in my life and decided that I had not been making God my number one ( happens so easy): Not that I had changed or didn't have faith I just fell into a pattern of not needing church. After a few things that happened I realized I had put my faith in people and not Him. Rob and I had a serious talk bout what we wanted for our family and started going to Woodlands Church. It is a huge church the pastor is Kerry Shook, he is on national TV every week. The kids immediately loved it and it was a perfect fit. I also have been praying about a few other things and one day while walking to get Lauren from school I meet a really nice friend who happened to go to The Woodlands Church. What are the chances. Since we have been going the kids are flourishing. Drew also has become friends with my new friends son. The church is fantastic, people are real and we are loving it.
Church is so beautiful
The next week Lee Strobel preached our message he is a pastor at the church too. He is unreal, if you have never heard of him he was a atheist who became a christian. He was a journalist in the 70's and decided to investigate who Jesus was. Through his research he was blown away by all the evidence that he became a christian. His book is called The Case For Christ, it's a great one. He since has written several other books with his newest one the The Case For Miracles. He was super nice too!! Two people I have loved for years, two weeks in a row.
The kids finally saw Black Panther, Lauren really loved it. Here she is my African warrior princess.
Miss Lauren started Volleyball a few weeks ago and so far so good. I sure hope she sticks with it. She is a good athlete, although she looses interest fast. I am hoping this is the sport. We have a awesome facility right down the road that has competitive volleyball, even beach volleyball.
In other news about a month ago my neighbor found two little stray dogs in a rough part of town. I took them in just to help while she tried to find a home since her dogs are aggressive. One of the dogs found a home and the little Cain Terrier mix who I loved was going to go to the shelter. I was so emotional over the little girl, I just could not see that happen. Houston has a huge animal population issue which is such a shame since we have so many low cost clinics. I kept her and called some rescues and I found one that would take her in as long as I fostered her. As much as I wanted to keep her I knew right now was not the right time and she was so tiny that Hudson kept on stepping on her and hurting her. She was the sweetest little thing ever, and no problem. This was a good opportunity for the kids to help a animal. We took her last week to a event to try and get her adopted but there were not to many people there and it just did not feel right. Lily is also heart worm + so she requires a bit more care.

She is so adorable about 10 pounds and the sweetest little girl

The perfect situation came into her life a couple days ago, I received a application and now she has a new home. It truly was a rewarding experience for all of us. We will miss her but I knew this precious animal was meant to help someone. Miss Fran just lost her dog of 14 yrs around the exact same time we found Lily. She lived a few miles from us and Lily looked like her old dog. When I visited her house her paint color was the same color I used in my office, she was a decorator too. What are the chances, I like her right away!! I posted this on my rescue group facebook page, but is exactly how I felt!!

Crosby liked Lily they were friends, here he is sitting on my new purse. 
In other news Drew made the tennis team at his school!! I am so excited for him. I just put up the sign in our yard yesterday and today he has a match.
The kids are doing very well. Jaden is growing!! We found out a while back that he has Chron's disease like Drew, major low but we are okay!!He just was not growing, and was not feeling well. I made his Dr. order all kinds of tests and one test showed a spot. It was tough hearing and obviously in our family it is genetic but we are okay. There is treatment, and with treatment you see how bad he was and how well he is doing now. Last week he had allergic reaction to his infusion so now he is going on Humira like Drew, never a dull moment around here. Drew is excited because they are going to Chron's camp in a couple weeks. Anyway He is getting treatment and doing very well. He has gained 18 pounds and grew 2" in the last 5 months. Kids are doing well in school this year, it's been especially great for Drew who just received his grade card and had all A's the 3rd 9 weeks!! He is so happy, he has been working so hard. More news later...
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