Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Christmas and other fun

My last series of Christmas pictures. These are really cute, we took them right after Christmas Eve service. During our photo shoot and typical of our family crazy... Lauren falls hard after Hudson ran right into her. Thankfully her knee was just bruised and cut but it really hurt): Other then this, we had such nice Holiday break the kids had two and half weeks off!!
Lauren with her ice pack. A life with kids is always filled with drama, laughter, tears, emergency visits, and everything else. So many times, I think that some of our family drama would make the best sitcom episodes. I don't think I ever shared this story but Lauren months ago lost a tooth, I swore that the dentist said she lost them all so when she said, "Mom my tooth came out" I freaked!!  Jaden searched the Internet on how to save the permanent tooth that we thought she ripped out because she wanted money(: I will never forget us asking her if she pulled it hard and if it hurt more then normal. Of course this molar bled more then any other baby tooth on the face of the planet. Anyway it was in fact a baby tooth, her last one. Never a dull moment. I wish pictures could talk this one would say a thousand funny things. Lauren did not want to smile, I'm sure after falling. Jaden was probably laughing non stop and Drew probably was messing with Jaden. And here you have a very tired mom who loves her children but feels like she lives in nut house.

Below: One of the kids favorite family traditions "Gag Gifts On Christmas Eve" We did this last year and the kids get so excited. Everyone draws a name and each person gets $5 to buy a silly gift from the thrift store. You just never know what you will get.
Jaden's gift to Drew, Jaden is so creative!! He even decorated the package. Drew has Jar Jar Binks on his package to Jaden, they have a ton of inside jokes. Teenage stuff, that is pretty funny once you know what they are taking about.

See how fun, and weird!!
Lauren got a hot dog griller which she loved since she loves hot dogs, Rob got the scary Mardi Gras Clown that I got Lauren last year. I received a picture of a framed monkey.
After that we played Speak Out, Such a weird but funny game. It hurts my mouth and Drew ripped his lips playing. Not sure if we liked it.
Hudson is ready! We are defiantly in a different stage of parenting when it's 9:00am and not one kid is up yet!!
These kids love their special treats!! Drew never gets these things but he really likes them so he was thrilled.
Jaden's hero, Elon Musk.

I always include silly stocking stuffers, this mask fits Drew perfectly, ha ha!!
Christmas Dinner, what a great Day!
We had some fun with friends over the break too. Jaden and Drew have been begging to go to one of those Escape rooms so my friend Jen and I took the kids. They loved it! It was so fun actually. Probably best for kids age 12 and up. All Jaden's Youtube video's on spy gear and tech stuff came in handy. You have to figure out codes, find secret doors, figure out puzzles. We figured it out and escaped, I am proud of our kids. You have to work together and think.
We went out to dinner with my sweet friend Tonya (Lauren's teacher) and her boyfriend. Always a good time. Lauren and I have been so blessed by her, she is so sweet and has been such a role model and encourager to Lauren.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

More Holiday Break Fun

We made a trip down to Houston to go to the big art Museum, the kids and I love it! They have so many amazing paintings. We went to the Modern Art Museum too but none of us really liked that. There was some very odd exhibits, they are not paintings but a collection of materials to tell a story.
We ate at one of favorite places called Barnaby's Cafe, Always good! After dinner we looked at lights in River Oaks! This is going to be a new family tradition. The lights were so amazing. The houses are first off in one word Amazing. This is probably one of the most exclusive areas in the country. The houses are all different and charming. The Angel below was two stories high in front of someone house, kind of cool kind of scary.

Two of my cuties! Lauren fell on Christmas Eve, we were on the fence on going to Urgent Care but Rob moved her leg all around and it was okay except for swelling on her knee. Hudson ran out and ran right into her legs and took her out. She never cries, I felt so bad. 
 New Year's we always play the Ball Of Fun!! Kids just love this game because New Years Eve isn't to fun for kids so this gives them something to look forward. You sit in a circle as the person next to you has to role doubles you get to unroll the ball of fun. I put in gift cards, gum, candy, money, it's loads of fun. 

 My friend's son is super smart and started selling these super cool lasers. They are unreal, they look like star wars light sabers. The kids said it was one of their favorite gifts ever. I have one more round of Christmas photos to share from my camera. The kids went back to school on Tuesday. It was such a long but relaxing break. The weather has been chilly for us, not typical! I think we are ready for spring, I sure am!! With the new year, we have the kids doing more chores and even cooking. These meal kits from our local grocery store are perfect for kids to learn how to cook. It's nice to have a fresh start. I am really looking forward to 2018. I think its going to be a great year for us!! The last couple have been a bit rough but we are on a upswing. Rob has a new job that is less crazy he was working insane hours so that alone is great. Jaden has been having some issues with growth the last year or so. I think after many medial tests we have some answers so that is better then wondering, worrying and guessing. Unfortunately Dr. thinks he has Chron's like Drew. So with some medication he will be able to absorb food better which will help him grow. It has been tough but we can only go up from here. As a friend once said, "you are all still here" yes so so true. Can't wait to see how these kids change in 2018. Every month it seems they change, learn and grow from life lessons. They are my favorite people.

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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Wonderful Christmas

I hope all our friends and family had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!  I am all over the place with this blog. I have some fun pictures and some of these are older, that I forgot about it. Like Rob's Birthday in November!! I try to keep up but as these kids are getting older I have less time. Isn't that crazy, they are at school all day but I feel like I am driving everywhere and when I get home I am either cooking, cleaning or exhausted.
I surprised the kids with these little Pop Vinyls for good grade cards. Everyone is doing very well!! Jaden is having a transition with 9th grade. He took to many classes in my opinion but that is how he will learn. I hate seeing my kids suffer but it's part of life. He is doing well but took all AP and a college credit course. Drew is getting all A's he is working so hard. This is the best year he has had. Lauren continues to excel in school and being a leader. She just loves going to school!!
I got  new computer for Christmas, life is so high tech...A sign that I am getting is older is that although it is neat I don't really care as long as it works! I have stuff off my old computer and on my new computer so pictures are all out of order and I may find some other old ones I forgot to post.
Here are my decorations from Christmas 2017, I typically stay in similar style and change up a few things. I am not big on trends but love classic casual styles. The kids always comment when they see friends trees that have all the family ornaments, and say "Mom look, it's just like yours" ha ha wink!! In fairness I do have family ornaments but everything goes together and we have a family tree but I didn't put it out this year.
I love this tree but half the lights went out so I had to put more on!! These pre-lit trees are great but you only have about 4-5 years of use. This tree has a lot of cream, and blue with natural branches and gold. I like it but I also miss my red ornaments so I might pull those out next year. Something different, it's been a long time since I pulled out the red.
I got a little flocked tree for my sitting room, I love flocked trees! Very messy though
Elf my favorite movie, I was so thrilled to find a Buddy shirt. The boys had a ugly sweater contest for youth group. I think they turned out pretty ugly/cute. The next week we hosted our youth group boys for a weekend retreat. The kids were great, only issue is Drew and a few other kids got the flu. I hate the flu!! It's been so bad this year!! I hate seeing my babies sick!!
Lauren had her 4th grade breakfast and party at school, I remember when Drew had his. Time sure is flying, and Miss Lauren is almost as tall as me now. One of my friends posted on Facebook that Rob looked like he had a man bun... lol!! (never)
My sweet friend and Lauren teacher, so blessed by her. We met my parents in Lufkin which is about half way for both of us. They were going to see my stepbrother in Lubbock over Christmas so we didn't see them. We had a great day!
If you know my mom, she is so funny but she doesn't even try. She is very cute and innocent and a serial oversharer (: We are walking out of target and she randomly asks a stranger to take our picture. Mind you she finds a non-english speaking person. This is what we got!! I think it is hysterical, we posted it on facebook and everyone wanted to fix it but I want to remember the story and laugh at it. My dad took the kids to see Star Wars which they loved. My mom and I shopped and Rob was on a conference call, which he didn't mind.
We had such a nice break the kids had 2 1/2 weeks off. It was so long but really great. We did a lot of family things, eating out, movies, games, day trips, relaxing. I was in my happy place being at home, drinking wine, watching movies. It doesn't get much better then being with those you love. I have many more pictures to post, hopefully shortly.

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