Friday, October 20, 2017

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


These boys crack me up!! Life is more busy then I would like and time is flying by. Jaden and Drew are involved in a couple different things. Drew is in tennis right now and Jaden is involved with the Debate team. I am still waking up super early most days to get everyone up and ready to go. By the afternoon I need my afternoon coffee and then it is time to pick up everyone. My day goes so fast. The boys are both teenagers now so my life is a bi-polar mess. Lauren is very easy right now. She is very independent and a leader. She was picked for the leadership group at school and does the tech for morning announcements. She is mostly in a good mood and is a good student. A mom of three is no joke in the school years. Between drop off and pick ups, there are Dr's visits and strep ): and many other crazy stories and emotions in between.
I'm still loving painting when I make the time. I ordered the picture on the right from Ballard Designs a few months ago. I ordered it late one night thinking it would be perfect for my living room wall. I splurged a bit which I don't do to often, with shipping and all that it was around $375. I thought it would be perfect as I love most of Ballard's items. Well it came, and I was disappointed right away. The picture was not bad but the canvas was flat and muted and there was no gel raised brush strokes which even cheaper prints have. I decided to try and paint it myself. I am not the worlds best painter but enjoy it and think I have some ability. I love the relaxing aspect of painting. I enjoy painting animals best especially birds. I went out a night later and bought a nice canvas for half off at Jo-ann's and then drew a heron and used the other picture as inspiration. I think it turned out good, so I packed up the other picture and saved some money. To bad I had to pay for shipping but I am proud. 
I love having lunch with my friends, we usually try and get out every couple months, it's always a good time. We even got in a little shopping!
Just a cute picture of Drew, Mr Fashion. 
Lauren and I had a Mom and Daughter night. We had the best time. She picked Red Lobster after first picking Sonic. After encouraging something a little more special we settled on crab legs.

We laughter and talked and on the way home we were listening to NGEN radio (Houston Christian young rap channel) She called in and requested a song. Right after she hung up they played her song. She loved it!! We danced and turned up the music loud. After that she got a scoop of Baskin Robbins Ice-Cream. Of course I had to go into that being my very first job many years ago. I love these kids they are absolute amazing!!
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