Tuesday, September 5, 2017

School Started...2 weeks ago

Once again another year is upon us, time goes so fast. These boys are becoming men before my eyes. Some days they still seem like little boys but those days are coming closer to a end. They are becoming more and more who they are. I am posting some pictures while I have a minute this morning. Things have been extremely stressful with the Hurricane that hit Houston.
Here we are at 5:30 am on Jaden's first day of High School!! Hard to believe. I still can't believe it but he is so ready. He loves to learn. The first year Jaden will go to the old high school and they are building a brand new school a mile or so from our house. So next year he won't have to wake up quite so early.
Next up is my Lauren girl, she is a fourth grader. She loves school too and we love her school! No issues with Lauren, she is easy and goes with the flow. She loves to go to school and her teachers.
Drew is in 7th grade and is now in Jr. High.
Everyone had a great first day! It's about a 3hr process in the morning with dropping off and picking up is another long process but I can get through the year. I wake up very early if I run in the morning, by the afternoon I need my coffee. We have done so many things I forget to post or don't have the time like I once did to blog but I want to keep up. They opened a American Ninja Warrior gym close to us. The kids loved it, I want to do it too. It's such great exercise. Jaden did really well at it. I guess a light and flexible frame is the ideal ninja body, ha ha
My sweet Lauren! Lauren's teacher happens to be my friend, she came over right before school started. I had no idea that she would get Lauren again. We are both so happy!!
We went bowling a couple weeks ago. #myhusbandisgoodateveryting
#Istinkatbowling.  The kids had a great time but you get the picture.
Right before school stared we went to Austin for the weekend. Austin is beautiful and fun and unique. Rob had some business to take care of but we went along with him to go sight seeing while he worked. We went to the Entertainment District, and toured the Capital Building. Such a cool experience, it is old and beautiful. The architecture is so fancy and it's loaded with historic old paintings. 
If you stand in the middle and look up in the Capital you can hear your echo.
Love this wall!! Super cool picture backdrop. Austin had a lot of art work and interesting people. I like interesting people and for the kids to see new experiences so we loved it.
Of course we had to check out some antique stores. There were some good ones, I found a few treasures of course. This poster below brought back many memories. I was in the first or second grade when Ringling Bro's came to my town. I remember my mom got my tickets and it was a big deal for me. My mom was a single mom we didn't have much but this was a big deal. I was so excited to see the real unicorn a.k.a a goat with a fake horn on it's head. That day at school I had a accident. Think of a kid raising their hand and the teacher not noticing, yep well that happened. I thought I was going to be in trouble and would not be able to go to the circus. My mom is really sweet so I have no idea... (: Anyway I still got to go..funny looking back I was so upset.
This place was super cool, I love to take the kids on adventures. This place had shrunken heads, big foot casts, haunted objects, a man frozen on ice. Apparently it was on Unsolved Mysteries if you remember that show back in the day. We got to see the man frozen in ice, odd... This is Austin!! 
Lauren loves Big Foot but got really freaked out in the museum and wanted to leave. I had to calm her down. I don't know what scared her and it's not like her at all. I guess it was kind of creepy and dark. They had wax figures and movie memorabilia, Johnny Depp even stayed in the upstairs of this shop years ago while he made a movie there.
A real Gremlin
More antique shops on our way out!
They keep me laughing!!
I will post soon, but working on recovering from the Hurricane. My fireplace leaked again and we had a flood in the living room. We can not believe it, but other then that we did not have flooding from outside. So many of our friends have been affected. Keep praying for Texas and now Florida as Irma approaches..
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