Thursday, September 21, 2017

Happy 13th Birthday Drew

Dear Drew,
Big 13, you are now a teenager. My little Drew Bear, you are still a cuddly sweet guy that loves hugs. You are charming and kind, and have a way of making everyone feel like a somebody. You notice everything around you and you feel deeply. You came home today and told me you were worried about a boy that wore the same clothes. You wanted to help him but didn't want him to be embarrassed. You notice when people are sad and sense others feelings. You are so compassionate, you still love all babies and children. You still talk about being a nurse or some other profession where you help others. You are on your way! As you are getting older you are seeing more and more how life works. Life can be hard but it can also be so beautiful. You are in control of your attitude and how you deal with the ups and down. School is getting a little tougher now so you have to continue to work hard and not get ahead of yourself. Don't get to prideful about any subject in school and continue to work hard. Always be a life learner and ask a lot of questions. You can do anything but you have to want it. I have been so impressed by your ability to see what matters in life. You are very wise when it comes to worldly desires, although you enjoy fun stuff you see that those things are not everything. You have a great love to help people no matter who they are. You are good at almost everything you try including art and most sports but I think you are seeing that strong effort equals results. We sometimes have to have talks to get attitudes in check but you are pretty quick to see your errors. You are on your way, the teenage years can be tough emotionally! I have seen some big changes in your confidence and being comfortable with who you are. I'm seeing you come out of your shell around others. With us you have always been a funny social guy but I think you are seeing that you don't have to be anyone but you and if people don't like you then you're better off without them. You are also seeing that sometimes people act the way they do because they are hurting and have their own struggles. Somehow God is using you to love people who don't always deserve it and you continue to shine with the love of God in your heart. Everyday you make me laugh! You are funny, and quick with your humor. You can act and do all kinds of silly voices. You love animals and love to play music especially Twenty One Pilots and NGEN Radio. You love to eat, especially Chipotle!! You love all things Pug, Star Wars, PlayStation, Youtube, adventures and Nerf. You also have a great sense of style and yes you have cool hair. You mean so much to me and each day it is a gift to be your mom. I'll love you forever, I hope you had a great 13th Birthday!
Mom and Dad too
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