Monday, July 3, 2017

Happy 10th Birthday Lauren Grace

Dear Lauren,
Happy 10th Birthday!! Can't believe your ten, double digits! I could not be more proud of you and especially lately. There are so many things that make you so special. First everyone adores you! We can't go a mile from our house without seeing someone who knows you either in the car, at the store or wherever. You have many friends and you love everyone. I don't hear much negative about anyone or anything, you seem to love everyone for who they are. What a wonderful quality to have a heart to love people. You are such a great helper whatever I ask you are my go to girl. You have a heart of gold and would help anyone. You are smart, and happy go lucky. It doesn't take much to bring a smile to your face. Your favorite things this year are Pokemon, Ghost Busters Girls, Roboblox, Five Nights With Freddy's, Sonic,Youtube, Swimming, Softball, and much much more. You love to play music and sing along, fish, hike, cooking (You love pizza and cake), and dancing. You also LOVE math!! That is your thing. You do math for fun and love for me to quiz you. You also love Science. So cool to see a girl who doesn't let anything hold her back. You carry yourself with confidence and you are willing to try anything. I love that about you and I look up to you! Lauren God has so much planned for you. As I looked at you swinging at the park today I though "how did I get so lucky!" At that moment I had so much joy watching you put your face to the sunshine smiling, you looked so beautiful. I have learned so much from you about love, you are nothing but a gift to us. We all love you so much!

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