Friday, July 14, 2017

And...more Keys

I love shore birds, so many beautiful birds
Kids got to swim with dolphins this time all three. They loved it such a neat experience. I bought the CD of all the images so I will post those soon. These are not great but you get the idea.
I love Theater Of The Sea it's one of my favorite places. Jaden and Lauren even got another dolphin kiss. Love this place, small close up experiences with wonderful aquatic animals. The owner loves cats too and has a rescue set up at the park. You can visit all the cats in the sanctuary. The boys loved this so much.
We fed the Tarpon so cool but scary looking. They jump right out of the water to eat their fish

We went to our favorite little bird sanctuary and they had a Blue Jay named Flop. It was the cutest thing ever!! He did meow just like a kitty

Love this picture, pretty much sums up his love for animals and his sweet personality.

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