Thursday, June 22, 2017

Summer Is Here!!

We already have gone on vacation and I have all those pics to share soon. Between vacation, and coming back we have been in full swing. Jaden got braces a couple days before school ended. His teeth seemed straight but he has a little crowding didn't think his braces would be so much, I forget they are not 3,000 like back when I was a kid. I am so happy to do this for my kids though, smiles are so important and it's forever!! He will be in them for 18months and then be done.
We went to Whataburger after to get  a Big ol Burger before the pain set in.
My big boy and me, he is getting so big! He had his eyes checked after saying he was having trouble with the white board at school and he did need a small prescription, thankfully they are not to bad and he only needs them for school, movies, reading etc. He looks like Squints, his favorite movie The
Sandlot!! Hipster in his Ray Bans is more like it, this kid is Mr. Fashion.

I am shrinking I think
My good friend Jen had a fun after school party to celebrate summer, Thought this was cute. All our kids swam and played, it was great! A day later was my Birthday and then we set off for the Florida Keys, one of my favorite places. We have had so much going on.
Lauren went to Softball Camp last week and she loved it. It was so hot and she did not complain once, I dropped her off and picked her up and she loved it. 
When I dropped her off the boys and I went shopping close by, we found the cutest comforter for her. I love that it has Black Mermaids!! She was so thrilled with it.
Hudson now swims every time we swim, he loves it. He wants to be with us I guess. He needs a little life jacket though if he gets tired.
Some of the shells I bought on vacation, love beach house decor
This past weekend we went to our favorite BBQ it's called Cork Screw, so so good. I waited a hour and 45 min in line. They sell until sold out and thankfully we made it in time but they ran out of macaroni. This BBQ is the best I have ever had it is one of the best in TX. We walked around the little town that it is in and we visited a shop that used to be a bank. Bonnie and Clyde actually robbed this bank. The owners let you walk in the vault and you can see bullet holes stills, The Wild Wild West!!
Lauren bought herself a little keyboard from a thrift store, only $18. Its not perfect but she is loving it. I marked all the keys so she could learn, if she likes it more then a few days we will do lessons.
The kids at Think Geek store, Jaden loves this place. Can't believe all we have done already and I have a whole lot more planned along with some school work, ha ha. Vacation pictures to come soon.
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