Friday, June 2, 2017

Around My House

Yikes!! Okay hold on no to 1997 it is not staying but I found these great chairs for $40 for two. They are really good quality but obviously not pretty. I found a lady who made me covers, and I think they turned out great. I wanted slip covers because I wanted to wash the chairs. I am very practical when it comes to my house. Although I love many pretty things I know that the chairs between the kids and pets would get something spilled on them eventually. Picture is awful I'll take another but, they look great in this room.
Cat tchotchke

I took a old slipcover and made a new cover for these old chairs. I have had these chairs forever and I love them. They used to be black back in the day when black was everywhere. I love to reuse and re purpose, I did not have to spend a dollar and I have new linen fabric covers for these chairs.
Bought these prints a few months ago and wanted to find two more..After looking at about ten HomeGoods I shut down my operation. For now I have two. I love these shadow box shells.
Some of my favorite things were things I have made. Not that I am all that, it's that I searched for things and could never find them so over time I found the right elements to make them. I wanted a stand for this glass cloche for years. I finally found the right size wood tray and painted it and glued it to an old candle stick. I was so happy, it was exactly what I wanted without spending a hundred dollars for a wood stand.
It even holds Fidget Spinners!!
Rob made me shutters for my garage windows. After a week of paint sample craziness I came to pick Dovetail by Sherwin Williams. Each sample of color looked different depending on the light, or angle. Thankful for my good friend and designer Jackie who helped me out. I don't love the brick color of my house but don't hate it either. We may paint it down the road but for now we are okay. The shutter look great.

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