Thursday, June 22, 2017

Summer Is Here!!

We already have gone on vacation and I have all those pics to share soon. Between vacation, and coming back we have been in full swing. Jaden got braces a couple days before school ended. His teeth seemed straight but he has a little crowding didn't think his braces would be so much, I forget they are not 3,000 like back when I was a kid. I am so happy to do this for my kids though, smiles are so important and it's forever!! He will be in them for 18months and then be done.
We went to Whataburger after to get  a Big ol Burger before the pain set in.
My big boy and me, he is getting so big! He had his eyes checked after saying he was having trouble with the white board at school and he did need a small prescription, thankfully they are not to bad and he only needs them for school, movies, reading etc. He looks like Squints, his favorite movie The
Sandlot!! Hipster in his Ray Bans is more like it, this kid is Mr. Fashion.

I am shrinking I think
My good friend Jen had a fun after school party to celebrate summer, Thought this was cute. All our kids swam and played, it was great! A day later was my Birthday and then we set off for the Florida Keys, one of my favorite places. We have had so much going on.
Lauren went to Softball Camp last week and she loved it. It was so hot and she did not complain once, I dropped her off and picked her up and she loved it. 
When I dropped her off the boys and I went shopping close by, we found the cutest comforter for her. I love that it has Black Mermaids!! She was so thrilled with it.
Hudson now swims every time we swim, he loves it. He wants to be with us I guess. He needs a little life jacket though if he gets tired.
Some of the shells I bought on vacation, love beach house decor
This past weekend we went to our favorite BBQ it's called Cork Screw, so so good. I waited a hour and 45 min in line. They sell until sold out and thankfully we made it in time but they ran out of macaroni. This BBQ is the best I have ever had it is one of the best in TX. We walked around the little town that it is in and we visited a shop that used to be a bank. Bonnie and Clyde actually robbed this bank. The owners let you walk in the vault and you can see bullet holes stills, The Wild Wild West!!
Lauren bought herself a little keyboard from a thrift store, only $18. Its not perfect but she is loving it. I marked all the keys so she could learn, if she likes it more then a few days we will do lessons.
The kids at Think Geek store, Jaden loves this place. Can't believe all we have done already and I have a whole lot more planned along with some school work, ha ha. Vacation pictures to come soon.
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Friday, June 2, 2017

Around My House

Yikes!! Okay hold on no to 1997 it is not staying but I found these great chairs for $40 for two. They are really good quality but obviously not pretty. I found a lady who made me covers, and I think they turned out great. I wanted slip covers because I wanted to wash the chairs. I am very practical when it comes to my house. Although I love many pretty things I know that the chairs between the kids and pets would get something spilled on them eventually. Picture is awful I'll take another but, they look great in this room.
Cat tchotchke

I took a old slipcover and made a new cover for these old chairs. I have had these chairs forever and I love them. They used to be black back in the day when black was everywhere. I love to reuse and re purpose, I did not have to spend a dollar and I have new linen fabric covers for these chairs.
Bought these prints a few months ago and wanted to find two more..After looking at about ten HomeGoods I shut down my operation. For now I have two. I love these shadow box shells.
Some of my favorite things were things I have made. Not that I am all that, it's that I searched for things and could never find them so over time I found the right elements to make them. I wanted a stand for this glass cloche for years. I finally found the right size wood tray and painted it and glued it to an old candle stick. I was so happy, it was exactly what I wanted without spending a hundred dollars for a wood stand.
It even holds Fidget Spinners!!
Rob made me shutters for my garage windows. After a week of paint sample craziness I came to pick Dovetail by Sherwin Williams. Each sample of color looked different depending on the light, or angle. Thankful for my good friend and designer Jackie who helped me out. I don't love the brick color of my house but don't hate it either. We may paint it down the road but for now we are okay. The shutter look great.

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Thursday, June 1, 2017

My Kids, Teen years...yep

Last Day Of School! Lauren is my last little one. She will be a fourth grader next year and we are still pretty much in the easiest years of raising kids stage. She is self sufficient and easy going. We have not hit the tween/teenage years yet, probably next year. She is loads of fun, and such a good helper. She is pretty much up for anything. She had a great school year and became little miss social, although that is good I want her to focus on everything going on around her. She is still in love with technology and that is my biggest battle with her. So onto one more glory year, I'm not quite sure what defines that in my mind but probably around 8-10 years old.
Little Miss Athletic

They say the teenage years are tough, and they are tougher then I thought. It is defiantly humbling and it's not just one instance of bad behavior that defines teen hood, it's just a change. A change for me this year as Drew has now entered that change along with Jaden. As a mom my role is changing which is a little scary. When is tough love good, when do they just need a hug, when are they just tired, when is it more then just a bad day? So many questions have gone through my mind this year and so many things are not black and white. It's hard to step back and let them fail as they learn consequences for actions. For instance if you stay up late on your iPad, you will be very tired the next day, or if you wait to the last minute to do your work or study it's much harder. Grades are not as easy so not studying enough will reflect that. Then we go into the wonderful age or when kids think they know so much more then you. Such a lovely time period. There is a lot of disciplining, pep talks and  counseling going on these days. I am tired but not in the young mom with small kids tired it's emotionally draining tired. I have loved every stage of parenting but they all have their highs and lows. I love when my boys come to me after I have given them advice and they see that I may know what I am talking about and say thanks mom. I love when something clicks in their hearts and they see the error in their ways. There are so many positives about this age group, they are funny. I mean really funny...I laugh a lot. I guess God knew I could not take the stress without comic relief. I have laughed more in the last year then I have ever laughed. We are all still learning together and trying to figure out life. I think as a mom we think we should know what to do and we simply don't and that is okay. Sometimes one thing will work for one kid but won't for another. Or one struggles with disrespect and the other does not. Each child feels love and needs discipline differently and that is the tricky part.  I don't want to be my kids best friend but I also don't want to be all strict all the time. I am trying to find my balance and learn new skills each day. As a mom this new terrain can be way different. At one time I was living on caffeine, chicken nuggets and knees deep in toys just trying  to survive until 6:00pm all while watching Nick Jr.  Now I am driving to many different events, not seeing the kids as much anymore, and trying to get boys to become men. I'm going to cherish each moment even the ones that I screw up because my time is going so fast.  
Drew is now taking up Skateboarding, and drawing they are becoming their own people.
Jaden is still driven academically, poor kid pushes himself but it is his passion. He loves to read, and educate himself.  He is respectful, at this point he has never talked to me disrespectfully. Shocking but that is not his personality. Now to his siblings and when he gets in one of his moods that is where we have issues.
Mr Charmer! Drew is working on every skill and he is not always happy about that. Attitude and effort go a long way and he's getting it. He has such a tender heart, I hope that never changes but that also makes it harder. We just have to stay consistent. He works so hard on the athletic field he is very much like his dad with a passion for all sports.  He recently has started drawing and I am really enjoying his love of art!

I think we are all ready to just get some sleep and relax. This summer I am going to work on reading logs, and some school work along with chores. I am way behind on making my kids do more chores. After reading some Pinterest pins of what kids need to be doing by twelve I have a ways to go. I am slowly letting go and getting serious about these kids going to the next level for themselves. It's not about me, or others it's about them so they can achieve whatever dreams they have.
Oh and my last baby.. Hudson. What a cute furry muppet of a animal. He sure is adorable but when he is not counter surfing he is tearing up some beloved item of one of his family members. Not only do I have three different children with unique personalities I have a dog that is like a human. He acts out when he does not get attention!! He is actually a pretty good dog, sweet as can be. In the meantime I will be working with the dog, and getting him not to pull on the leash and not to jump. 
Wish Me Luck!!

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