Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Model Homes

A couple weeks ago we went looking for some ideas on houses. You know I get to thinking about if it would be cheaper just to start over instead of more remodeling etc.. It's really crazy because I have a great home but then you see new and it's nice and fresh. Rob said he would just buy me one of those pricy air fresheners they use in model homes the ones that plug in so I could have that new house feel, ha ha. Anyway not going to happen but we have tons and tons and I mean tons of home models around here. This one above was absolutely amazing it was 2.3 million!! Ha ha not happening but the house was jaw dropping!! I will say that it felt like a gymnasium inside and didn't really match what I though the outside looked like. So finally Texas is changing to more subtle simple lines, goodbye Gothic Italian marble house with a little bit of Texas Cowboy thrown in there. The ceilings in this place were the tallest I have ever seen. What made the house so marvelous was all the windows and the perfect trim and paint colors.
I'm so glad I kept my wood spindles that contractors kept asking me if I wanted to change. I like classic and this house is classic!

I love model home decorations!! Wish I could buy this stuff but it would not match my HomeGoods budget, ha ha. Everything is perfect. My husband always says they have someone that's whole job is to make you feel like you want to build one of their houses after the tour. They do a pretty good job!!
Wall paper, who would have thought but I love it!

Next are a few more pictures, not as good of lighting and I could not find the listing of these so pictures kind of stink but you get a idea. Still a beautiful home but much less expensive but still amazing and still a lot of money.
See me, ha!
I really loved this house! So open yet felt like a home to relax in. I want all these decorations!! 

Cute Game room, I think I will go back with friends and take more pictures. These homes inspire me to change things up around my place. 
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Time is a ticking...

Time is just flying...I can't even keep up with this blog but I want to. Kids when you read this many years from now (I make the blogs into memory books) I tried (: You think having older kids that I would have the time, but no. I am more busy then usual between all the laundry, food consumption, meal planning and sporting events, school events and birthday parties, friends, church I am tired!! My days go so fast!! Then it's time to pick everyone up again at three different schools. These pictures were just this weekend and I will post a few from Easter.
Mother's Day is a wonderful day but I did not sleep in, it actually was one of the busiest weekends I have had with kids events. Friday Lauren had a Girl Scout end of year skating party, then Saturday a all day birthday that was in Houston and then back to a swim party, then church, and baseball on Sunday.
Can you imagine the five seconds before this was taken? I will tell you, the boys being goofy as usual, Drew annoying Jaden but Jaden liking it and giving it back. It's to bright.... My eyes hurt!! I swear can't even get one good picture anymore.
My favorite restaurant...Drew is back to gluten again. Not real sure if it made a difference and for many reasons we thought we would try again and so far he feels no different. So the kid ate no gluten for 4 1/2 months. Such a hard diet to stick to for a almost teen boy. Still not sure how I feel about it and we are watching him to see if anything changes. He is happy!!
5 minutes of rest!!
Kids love Pop Vinyl's they are pretty cute something for everyone. 
Can this girl stop growing, she is changing so much. She is not much shorter then me.
My best gift, a Poem written by Jaden and illustrated by Drew. Love these kids, Forever!
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