Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Such A Big Weekend

Lauren went to Girl Scout Camp for the weekend. She had a wonderful time!! She went with leaders and friends so I did not worry a bit. I was texted daily with updates and I was thrilled with seeing her pictures and all her adventures. She learned how to shoot a bow and arrow, made homemade girly stuff, sang songs and acted on stage. She is such a independent little lady!
Drew had a huge weekend as well. He got invited through Texas Children's to attend a weekend getaway camp for kids with G/I issues. Last year he was a little unsure and shy but this year he decided to go and we are so proud he did. We drove him up to the camp which was the most beautiful drive half way to Austin. We dropped him off not knowing anyone and he sat down with a bunch of kids. As we left I was just hoping and praying he would have a great time. Guess what, he had the time of his life!! There was one of the Dr's present from Texas Children's who we knew, a nurse and camp staff. The treated him like gold! The place built confidence that I think is healing to these kids dealing with so much at a young age. The camp is year round and helps kids with varying degrees of needs and medical issues. Most of the kids he was with had liver transplants and of course some had Crohn's or Colitis. They went horseback riding, zip lining, had a petting zoo, reptile guy, photography class, a music studio, water balloon fights, a carnival. These people were such a blessing to him and they had a great cafeteria and even had gluten free. Love Camp For Al!!
We had Jaden all to ourselves, it's been twelve years since he had this alone time!! We went to a local sushi place a place where the other two hate and enjoyed a great time! We did yard work and went to some antique shops and went out to eat again. Jaden is a great kid, so mature.
On the way to get Drew they had the neatest little custom home decor store and coffee shop
Yes I am a weirdo but when you see a bathroom this cute, I had to take a picture!!
Love her, she is getting to be a real hoot!!
Drew got Leader Of The Pack, it's a leadership award voted by his peers. I am so proud of him! He has changed so much the last few months. He knows who he is and is becoming a leader more and more. He has gained confidence in all aspects. He started listening to Twenty One Pilots and I truly think the music has spoken to him. He is not as worried about being like everyone else but being who God wants him to be. He also has taken a strong interest in drawing. He loves to draw Pokemon and comic books characters. 
Lauren at Camp. It was a great weekend for all and a step into maturity for the kids. They are really growing up. The days are long but the years are short is what they used to say but now if feels everything is short. 

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