Tuesday, February 14, 2017

February Happenings

Lauren is enjoying Girl Scouts, mom and dad  She did a great job with cookie sales (: We are enjoying cookies around here!!
Hudson is doing well, still a little ornery but a real sweet dog! He loves to dig holes and get muddy, only real frustrating activity. Oh and he loves to open the garbage and find tissues, food scrapes. Dog acts like he is starving.
A couple weeks ago at our favorite Pizza place!! A normal weekend activity for us
A couple weeks ago some of my friends and I went and painted. It was so fun, if you haven't done this go. No talent necessary and I am amazed how every ones pictures turned out.
My boys are the best, they make me laugh daily. I actually love this teenage stage except for the thinking they know more then me part. They are just so much fun. They know everything going on in the world including every meme and trending topic. They really are a wealth of knowledge. I love hearing their opinions on everything. I am quite impressed that they are making their own decisions and have opinions. We have informed them and shown them two ways of thinking and they watch videos and read. They are both very level headed smart boys!!
Dexter thinks he is so funny. I was watching TV only to find him on the roof meowing and looking in the window.  Last week Rob brought home the flu, then I got it and Drew too even with the flu shot ): Thankfully the other two didn't. It was awful both being sick! During this lovely time Dexter climbed a 40 foot tree and was stuck. We tried all kinds of things to get him down. Rob with a fever threw a rope with a weight perfectly on the tree limb where he was. We hosted up a laundry basket tied to the other end with food inside. We thought he would climb in, nope!! Luckily we had gutters put on the house and I asked the gutter guys and they were so awesome and got him down. I am so thankful!! He was up there for 35 hours!! Dexter is so happy to be down do you see him?
Trying to get him down thinking he might scale down the tree, not going to happen.
Thankful we are all better now and Drew seemed to have a mild case. We were in bad shape. My wonderful Jen showed up with homemade soup, brownies, salad, and stuff to make lunches!! Can you say Texas has blessed me with some great friends!! I have to post pics from projects and everyday stuff soon I will get there!!
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