Tuesday, January 24, 2017

So far behind...catching up

Where has the time gone? I can barely keep up with everything lately. We are going full speed ahead in 2017.  Lauren just finished selling her first round of Girl Scout cookies and is enjoying Girl Scouts. She once again got all A's this 9 weeks! She is also doing Soccer on Saturdays. Jaden joined a acting class/school. He has a hidden talent of singing and can act, who knew. So far he goes just once a week and they teach him how to read scripts etc.. Some of the kids have agents but he just wanted to  learn and have fun. He may join the drama club next year so I thought this would help build some confidence. Drew is playing flag football on Saturday's and Rob is coaching, once again they are having a great time together. Drew even got a touchdown last Saturday. So needless to say we keep plenty busy with all of this and a big furry dog.
I want to continue to blog and need to make the time. I love to look back on the years and see all that we did as a family and see how the kids have grown and changed.
This year we started a new tradition on Christmas Eve to open Gag gifts. We all drew names a week before and made a trip to a local thrift store. The limit was $5 and it could be anything to get a laugh. The kids had so much fun and absolutely could not wait to open these creative gifts.
Here is a sampling of every ones gifts.
Rob and Jaden had each other and they both had really funny gifts. Rob got Jaden two books that we all died laughing over. One was Winnie Cooper (The Wonder Years) on how to do algebra. The cover was very well...funny it did not look like a cover about math. He also go a book on a guide to the male body (: Rob got a spiritual guide book on Angels.
 We had so much fun over break, watching movies, going out to eat, coloring. I had poor Rob working his butt off too with some home projects. I will post more about that later.
The kids had fun picking out gifts for each other. Drew bought that Vader picture for Jaden. I truly think they had more fun giving each other gifts this year.
Finally the gift she has been waiting for!!
Ipad!! her very own
Jaden loves Tesla, I found these prints off of Amazon and framed them. They are all his drafts of his inventions. They are pretty cool. The boys are getting really selective with their rooms. They both are starting to personalize their rooms with exactly what they like, I love it!!
Every New Years we have the Ball Of Fun. New Years is kind of a dud holiday for kids. So I started doing this tradition last year and so far they love this one too!! It gives them something to look forward to. I add candy, snacks, gift cards, little stuff. It's a whole lot of fun!!
This is Lauren getting ready for her Christmas Party at school.
Of course we saw Star Wars over the break, kids loved it. I love this movie theater!!
 A little shopping, we have a Tesla store close by now too!!
 We even went ice skating. It was the kids first time. We meet up with my good friend Jennifer.
 Hi Jen!! Such a nice break filled with fun, friends and laughter. I hope everyone has a safe and blessed 2017!!

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