Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Such A Big Weekend

Lauren went to Girl Scout Camp for the weekend. She had a wonderful time!! She went with leaders and friends so I did not worry a bit. I was texted daily with updates and I was thrilled with seeing her pictures and all her adventures. She learned how to shoot a bow and arrow, made homemade girly stuff, sang songs and acted on stage. She is such a independent little lady!
Drew had a huge weekend as well. He got invited through Texas Children's to attend a weekend getaway camp for kids with G/I issues. Last year he was a little unsure and shy but this year he decided to go and we are so proud he did. We drove him up to the camp which was the most beautiful drive half way to Austin. We dropped him off not knowing anyone and he sat down with a bunch of kids. As we left I was just hoping and praying he would have a great time. Guess what, he had the time of his life!! There was one of the Dr's present from Texas Children's who we knew, a nurse and camp staff. The treated him like gold! The place built confidence that I think is healing to these kids dealing with so much at a young age. The camp is year round and helps kids with varying degrees of needs and medical issues. Most of the kids he was with had liver transplants and of course some had Crohn's or Colitis. They went horseback riding, zip lining, had a petting zoo, reptile guy, photography class, a music studio, water balloon fights, a carnival. These people were such a blessing to him and they had a great cafeteria and even had gluten free. Love Camp For Al!!
We had Jaden all to ourselves, it's been twelve years since he had this alone time!! We went to a local sushi place a place where the other two hate and enjoyed a great time! We did yard work and went to some antique shops and went out to eat again. Jaden is a great kid, so mature.
On the way to get Drew they had the neatest little custom home decor store and coffee shop
Yes I am a weirdo but when you see a bathroom this cute, I had to take a picture!!
Love her, she is getting to be a real hoot!!
Drew got Leader Of The Pack, it's a leadership award voted by his peers. I am so proud of him! He has changed so much the last few months. He knows who he is and is becoming a leader more and more. He has gained confidence in all aspects. He started listening to Twenty One Pilots and I truly think the music has spoken to him. He is not as worried about being like everyone else but being who God wants him to be. He also has taken a strong interest in drawing. He loves to draw Pokemon and comic books characters. 
Lauren at Camp. It was a great weekend for all and a step into maturity for the kids. They are really growing up. The days are long but the years are short is what they used to say but now if feels everything is short. 

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Had a great time with family

A few weeks back over spring break Rob's sister came to visit with her family from Arizona. It was so nice to see them and all the kids. They are the sweetest family with the most darling children. Our kids just loved it to pieces especially cousin Drew who is a kid magnet. I am so proud of how well he watches and takes care of little ones. We did a lot of fun things around Houston including the Zoo, shopping, indoor gym, beach, and of course eating.
I love these little girls!!
Beach Day
Of Course Buc-ee's it's a Texas destination
A little blurry but super cute
We had a great week and finished it off with local famous BBQ. I love family time, so relaxing but now I am ready for summer!!

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Mom Life, Kid Life, Busy Life..

Spring Break is over..back to reality. The mom life is a hard life, I am living in tween hood, and teen hood also known as #ILIVEINAMENTALHOSPITAL  One day all is well then the next it is not. Someone is having an issue either a attitude issue, a homework issue, a not studying issue, a back talk issue, a health issue, or a crying upset issue for no reason..You name it. Some days I want to lock myself in my room or go to a nice hotel by myself. Then we have days that are magical, and the kids get along and they make me laugh and if I'm lucky everyone likes their dinner. I'm working on letting go a bit...hard one for me but these kids need to feel failure and understand how to have consequences. Add this tough love parenting with hormones and that might explain my mental status.
He paid up, so far things have been cleaner. This week I reminded him again and then explained how I buy for everyone else first and that I do without so they can have everything and they can't even pick up their new clothes. Drew tells Rob "You know she wants my money, she doesn't buy herself anything and that is why she wants to take my money" Oh dear Lord (: Ha Ha I need the crying laughing Emoji inserted here.
Besides this sort of Drama Drew is a great kid..He just finished up playing flag football. He did a great job! We just signed him up for a Saturday only baseball team. Less serious more fun, it's been a while since he gave up baseball. I am so glad he decided he missed it.
Lauren played soccer, and I have no idea where her picture went of her playing. Sorry Lauren, you know mom was at every game. They played at the exact same time so I missed all of Drew's games but Rob coached so he was good and I saw the last game.
The Houston Rodeo is here. Rob and I went to the BBQ cookout and met some of his customers. It was fun! We took a Uber there and home, which was way nicer then parking etc.. We enjoyed the food of course and people watching.
Jaden had a mock trial at school he defended Andrew Jackson, not his first choice. He ended up doing really good!! His trial ended with a mistrial. Jaden is interested in law so he really enjoyed this activity.. I even got a note from a teacher saying she was blown away by how well he was prepared for his trial and how he blew everyone away. He looks pretty cute too!!

My silly silly boy..Everyday he makes me laugh. 
With the Crazy times I also have mom time while the kids are in school. It's so nice to meet up with my two BFF's!! I love them both!
Lauren ready for Go Texan Day!! 
Just getting ready for summer. A couple weeks ago I power washed everything in the back yard. I love to power wash, so satisfying. This is my normal daily life, such a glam life.
Sonic After school with some of my favorite kids!!
Thank God it was old... The dog and cats are my full time job. I love them but wow they are awfully mischievous. Dexter got stuck in a 40 ft tree for the third time in the last month or so. After four days Rob and I rolled the basket up and thankfully he was hungry enough to jump in. I wish I had a video of us handling Operation Dexter Mission 3!!  He only fell at the very end, and is fine. What drama Dexter is... He has been coming in every night now to sleep. He is a cuddler and sweet, he just hates the dog and will pee on his bed. So it's like having a baby again. The cat comes in, then he sleeps for about 6 hrs and then back outside with his early 5:00 am breakfast of course.

Love these days.. Some are hard, but most are happy and fun!!
Everyday they make me laugh and I'm so thankful to be their mom!
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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Projects From Months ago

Saw some ideas on Pinterest, you know my favorite addictive hobby. Rob offered to make a counter top for the art room so we could add more places to paint. Drew was asking for a mini bedroom makeover with stuff he liked. Less sports as he has gotten older although he still loves to watch sports he doesn't want everything baseball anymore. He also needed a headboard for his bed.
Found these old filing cabinets on Craigslist. I think I got them all for $60. I painted them and they became the base of our paint table.
We added a counter top to the top of these filing cabinets. We made everything out of Pine. I picked out the best straight boards I could find and we used a thinner piece of wood on the back to hold the boards in place. I sanded all of it, and stained it in a drift wood color.
Turned out great!! So now we have two places to do art work and lots of storage. I'm still not done with the shelving decor but getting there!
Drew's headboard was so simple and cost around $40 or less to make. We used the same Pine boards found at Home Depot and cut them down. I used a couple different widths to find the size I wanted and just used nail gun to attach everything. After sanding and staining we hung it on the wall.
We also made a long shelf, super easy!! It's a long pine board hung up with shelf brackets. Super easy!! $30 maybe and looks perfect for the look he wanted.
He asked me to paint him a Boba Fett picture. I took a chance, I have never painted anything Star Wars. I kept looking at pictures he sent me and it turned out! He loved it!
I had a store credit from Home Decorators from months ago, and decided to buy there two wreaths on Black Friday they were half off. They came and they were a lot more aged and white then I had hoped. I love paint so much, you can do anything with paint. I took out my paint brush and fixed the wreaths to my liking. So many times I see stuff at the store and think that concept isn't bad but the paint colors or fake looking greenery ruined it. That is when I wait for clearance and get creative.
Love!! Just what I wanted now
Lauren got a new bed!! My big girl is to tall for a twin. This bed is awesome it even has a drawer that goes under it, not pictured here. This was a Craiglist find too!! Now it's not perfect but it's heavy and works perfect for her. I looked into getting her a new bed and just for a headboard it was around $400. So I got this awesome bed for a little less then that and it's perfect for her. I no longer have every bed size in our house, praise the Lord. 
I love her room!! I would love to have had her room when I was her age. 
A new couch, this was my Christmas present. So far I really like it!! The white isn't to hard to take care of, I just wash the cover. Today is going to be a beautiful day! I just love Texas in the Feb/March everything is starting to bloom. We had a really hard frost back in January which is unusual so I know I lost some plants but I am hoping not to many. I will post outdoor pics soon. I want to work on my garden. I love flowers and plants but sadly I am not to talented in understanding what grows well. I need to do more reading on gardening.
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