Wednesday, December 14, 2016

A few more decorating pics

I had some better lighting this day. I wanted to add a few more pictures of our house this Christmas year. Only a few more days until Christmas break!!

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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Christmas Fun

Buddy is back...I want to know how this got started. I enjoy the magic of Christmas and all that but this thing is work. If Buddy stays to long in one area I feel guilt. I had Jaden and Drew in charge for a while but Buddy got very bored and simply did not move. He also would end up in very odd areas like the bathroom. Buddy's life is really on the line considering we have a very ornery chewer puppy on our hands.  
Lauren loves this so much and what do moms do (:
I think I am at this point lately. I have been writing out Christmas cars, buying gifts and doing my normal day to day. Rob has a very busy schedule at work so I have to get my Sonic in the afternoon to keep this house going. 
 I can always make time for a lunch with friends. I have some very sweet friends and it's so refreshing sharing all our parenting adventures.
Don't forget to throw in a school project during the Christmas season. Lauren is very proud of her Mars project. She is very motivated and even made reminders on post it notes when the project was due. She took her own notes and I helped her come up with a plan.
Lauren and I went to the Nutcracker with her Girl Scout group on Sunday. It was beautiful but I guess Lauren and I are more alike then I realize. We both looked at each other within 10 minutes and we could read each others thoughts. The costumes and talent are wonderful, but its very calming and slow. I am glad we got to experience this but ballet is not our thing.
It's a great opportunity and if you love ballet then this will be a dream come true
Today I am volunteering at school and tomorrow Lauren has her class play. I can not wait to see her in action!! 
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