Thursday, November 17, 2016

Halloween, Rob's birthday

This picture!! Hudson is smiling. The kids wanted him to be Chewbacca. I found a old belt and added some duct tape to make it look more Chewy like. Hudson left it on for about 30 seconds and I struggled to get his picture.
Jaden and Drew are getting older so my days are numbered on the Trick Or Treat fun. Drew found this awesome Pug mask at Target. Jaden is that creepy Anonymous from Youtube, and Lauren is Ray from Star Wars.
We have the coolest neighborhood for Trick or Treat, we all have big yards so there are houses on a map that pass out candy. We all loaded into Rob's truck along with my two awesome friends and all our kids. There were Haunted Houses set up and even food at some houses. It was fun by all!
The dog is great but it's like having a little kid. Everywhere I go he wants to go!! If I don't give him enough attention he acts out like a toddler. Everyday he begs to go get the kids from school!
Some of these pictures are off my phone so not the best but don't want to forget these memories. Rob turned 41, right before election day! 
So glad the election is over! I'm not a super political person but my kids really enjoyed following the election. I tried to explain the best I could about the candidates, their ideas and what they believed in or wanted to change. It's not perfect but we are hoping to see positive changes in our country. It's been good for family discussions to talk about big topics and concerns.
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  1. OH- I LOVE your Halloween pictures. Soon enough the kids won't be doing that anymore and then you will have to wait for years for grandkids to do it again. lol The kids all look like they had a blast.

    I am looking forward to some very positive changes in our country, too. I hope with Pence part of the mix we get a bit of God back in place. I love that he thanked God for being elected.

    Our grands are more politically 'aware' than I ever was. xo Diana


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