Saturday, October 29, 2016

office command center and getting organized...

I really wanted to re-do my office to be used more efficiently. The kids and Rob's schedules keep me so busy. I wanted one of those command centers I have spotted on Pinterest. They make is look so easy but sometimes the planning and finding the right system is tricky.. I wanted something to put my notebooks in and something to hold files. I looked at 3-4 stores and could not find anything I liked. I also looked at my favorite go to catalog stores but they wanted $100. So...I made my own.
These are old cabinet doors that I happened to keep from a few years ago. Most of my stuff is stockpiled and then a idea comes to me. I bought some wire racks from Hobby Lobby and attached them to the old cabinet doors after I applied a gray wash paint.
I attached a few of these to hold the baskets and to hang, they worked well.
Started a little chore chart for he kids. So far...It worked for a few days. It's still sitting up there with jobs for hire. I do like that the kids can see the money and the jobs. So when they want something they can work for things. 
When we got the new floors I had to restrain the steps again!! They were the old floor color which was more of a mahogany and now it's more of a brown. Ahhh!! Not fun at all. With three kids, and pets it's almost impossible to get these steps to dry without people stepping on steps and not getting stain everywhere. I had to strip off the old stain and retain and seal. I hope I don't have to do this for a long long time. I do think I am feeling my age because this about killed me this time around.

I love these lamps!! I was at Hobby Lobby just walking around when I saw them. I am so impressed latley with some of their new decor. For a while they were in a rut of the same stuff for years. These lamps have linen shades and look really expensive. They actually have a finish that looks good not some cheap paint job.
I pulled out some of my topiaries which I love. I have always loved Topiaries!!
I really like our room, it's not to big but comfortable.
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  1. Aren't you clever? Your command center looks really great and I love the money attached to the job. What a GOOD idea! That was a great use for those old doors, too.

    I like the lamps a lot. I found some I really like at a lumber yard--which was a total surprise. I love could be--okay--may be--and addiction for me. lol

    Have a wonderful Sunday with your family. xo Diana

  2. That's a really nice office space ♥


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