Saturday, October 29, 2016

office command center and getting organized...

I really wanted to re-do my office to be used more efficiently. The kids and Rob's schedules keep me so busy. I wanted one of those command centers I have spotted on Pinterest. They make is look so easy but sometimes the planning and finding the right system is tricky.. I wanted something to put my notebooks in and something to hold files. I looked at 3-4 stores and could not find anything I liked. I also looked at my favorite go to catalog stores but they wanted $100. So...I made my own.
These are old cabinet doors that I happened to keep from a few years ago. Most of my stuff is stockpiled and then a idea comes to me. I bought some wire racks from Hobby Lobby and attached them to the old cabinet doors after I applied a gray wash paint.
I attached a few of these to hold the baskets and to hang, they worked well.
Started a little chore chart for he kids. So far...It worked for a few days. It's still sitting up there with jobs for hire. I do like that the kids can see the money and the jobs. So when they want something they can work for things. 
When we got the new floors I had to restrain the steps again!! They were the old floor color which was more of a mahogany and now it's more of a brown. Ahhh!! Not fun at all. With three kids, and pets it's almost impossible to get these steps to dry without people stepping on steps and not getting stain everywhere. I had to strip off the old stain and retain and seal. I hope I don't have to do this for a long long time. I do think I am feeling my age because this about killed me this time around.

I love these lamps!! I was at Hobby Lobby just walking around when I saw them. I am so impressed latley with some of their new decor. For a while they were in a rut of the same stuff for years. These lamps have linen shades and look really expensive. They actually have a finish that looks good not some cheap paint job.
I pulled out some of my topiaries which I love. I have always loved Topiaries!!
I really like our room, it's not to big but comfortable.
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Catch Up

Jaden and Drew had nice birthdays, they are getting so big. Life is going by so fast. Both boys picked their favorite restaurants and we had a small party..with some of their closer friends. They swam and played video games.
Lauren is enjoying Girl Scouts, she joined this year and is loving it. They go on so many field trips, do crafts and have so much fun at their meetings.
Hudson is doing well. He is going through his teenage stage. One minute he is good as gold and then next digging holes, getting into mud puddles and rolling in mud. It's annoying but pretty funny when you look at your dog and he is now black and full of mud. Mostly it is annoying but once he calms down he is so sweet again.
Dexter hates the dog and now lives outside. I love Dexter but he is a bit crazy. He kept peeing on the dog bed and attacking the dog. So we had a trial of him being outside and he loves it!! since the yard is fenced and he is territorial he stays very close to the back. I do miss him since he was my cuddle cat but I don't miss the attack cat.
Look at that face!!
"Look Dexter he just wants to be your big furry BFF forever" Hudson just doesn't get why the cat doesn't like him.
Halloween is coming up, kids are looking forward to dressing up. It's one of my favorite holidays!
Ms. Lauren on picture day. Those school pictures are crazy. I received them all back Jaden's is leaning his shoulders in, Drew's was taken for a angle looking up, and Lauren's is taken from far away to make her head look small. They were cute, but goodness they needed a little help.
Lauren is doing well!! Just had her conference and she is very determined and enthusiastic about learning. She really loves math and wants those good grades. The boys both have a great group of teacher, and both doing well too!! 

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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Fall Tour...

 Hey everyone, just posting this years decor. I pretty much stay the same as far as style but love to add new things every year. It's hard to find stuff I like. Most of the stuff is junk I make!! The pine cones are from my front yard and the leaves are branches that are from my front tree. So simple, and free. I love elements of nature in my house. Something about all the senses I like to incorporate in my design. 

I just pulled stuff from the attic, nothing new!! 
I bought these last year at Home Decorators on clearance. I got super lucky they were only like $20. I love to make wreaths but the costs are high if you pick out realistic items and flowers. I could not make these for $20. I think they were over a $100, normally I don't find that good of deals online, I actually got two other ones too that are even bigger but they weigh so much the 3M holder falls off the door.
New pumpkins, love the natural colors, the white ones on the left was painted, it used to be orange. I love white pumpkins!!

 Getting darker, my mums came in nice this year. My gardening skills are lacking but I am trying to read and learn as much as I can. 
 Burlap pumpkins are from Target $3 each!! Could not believe it, they are really nice. Happy Fall everyone! It's such a nice time of the year. We are finally getting a break here in TX with the weather. It has been so hot but suddenly it's cooler a few morning a week. It's been a nice break!!
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