Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Our house is finally finished

After 5 months of living with concrete floors, dust and a mess everything is complete. TV is moved, new chairs added. I'm really liking the new arrangement it gives us a much better focal point. Before the fireplace was to tall and it competed with the tv wall. The floors have different shades of wood with mostly dark planks and it's hard scraped. I really love them!! So far they are holding up well and if a scratch comes it seems to blend in. The house feels so much cleaner with wood floor and I do think everyone's allergies are better. We just put the curtains back up a couple weeks ago 
The fireplace was moved about a foot down and I can't believe how that effected the scale. I swear if something is off on in a room I can't help but be bugged by it. That always drove me crazy, so I am happy now!!
 New chairs, new end table, new clock. I may need something on each side of clock but nothing has came to be yet. I have the curtains up now.
 I love these curtains so much, they used to be in my bedroom  but they work perfect in the living room. They are so heavy and lined way above my sewing ability.
It's really hard to see the floor color in the top pictures because my house has tined windows which create shadows but these are at night with light on. 
Bad picture but I am so proud of how this turned out.
I also got new tile in my small mudroom area and powder room. Feels like a new house. Now we need to do our bathroom next ): Always something. That's pretty much it although the kids bathrooms will need some work but nothing urgent. I'm thinking about adding some barn doors in the kids bathrooms we have that whole to many doors and tight spaces thing going on. I feel like I can kind of relax a bit it's been stressful living in our house having everything ripped up at once. 

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  1. it must feel spectacular to be officially done and updated!


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