Sunday, September 18, 2016

Happy 14th Birthday Jaden

Dear Jaden,
Today you are 14yrs old!! I say it every year, I can't believe it but the years are just flying by. It seemed like yesterday that you were my little man going to the grocery store with your ball cap on. I took you everywhere and you were the most curious little guy. As you have gained self confidence and maturity this year I have gained such value from learning from you. They often say you are supposed to be a parent and not your kids friend. I don't know if I agree with that 100%! I think you can be both as long as the respect is there. You have always been respectful to dad and I. You seem to generally care what we have to say. You love to discuss and share your thoughts on our world. We are always here for you and will care for you like parents do but also as our closest friend. You are fun, and more importantly have a witty sense of humor which is thoroughly entertaining. Drew last night went on a rant about Harambe the gorilla that had to be shot after the child fell in the enclosure. Drew was in outrage for the gorilla and as you two went back and fourth debating the facts about the gorilla. He said, "Imagine if you were poor Harambe, and your replied, "I would be dead." okay it was truly hilarious. You come up with stuff that is so funny, it keeps us going. You know so much about tech stuff, and pretty much everything going on in our world. You are a life learner always learning more and more. You love Star Wars, Cats, Lego's, video games, books, Youtube, movies, shopping, and more. You have a love for shopping and preppy clothes, you are my child! You know style, if I have a question I know who to ask. You are incredible thoughtful and kind but often don't show emotions. Just recently Drew has been sick and I told you I had to reschedule your party and you reply was that you just want to make sure Drew is okay. You argue with him but it's evident you and him are best friends. Sometimes you are still a bowl of overwhelmed stress thanks to your mothers genes but you are learning it can serve you well. You are very responsible and punctual and can engage with just about anyone on any topic. You have a high moral compass and have high standards. Just remember some of the stuff in school won't matter in a week or two so just do your best. I always tell you to try your best and God will take care of the rest. I have no doubt about the success you will have in your life. You are wise beyond your years it is truly remarkable. Mom and Dad are both so proud of you. You are extremely driven, creative and I would not change one thing about you son. Happy Birthday, we love you so much!!
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