Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Happy 12th Birthday Drew

Dear Drew,
Today you are 12 yrs old!! Just like Jaden it seems like yesterday that I held you in my arms. You have always been my sweet buddy. This year you are becoming more mature and know who you are. You love to talk about social injustices and standing up for all wrong doings in the world. Your favorite activity is watching social experiments on YouTube and anything silly or crazy. You are a funny guy and always make us laugh. You love to tell us about funny stuff and cool stories you read about. You are also a big time charmer, your wife will won't be able to get enough. This year you have gained confidence and know who you are and care less about what other think. I am so proud of you in this area, you seem to like what you like regardless of others. You are into fashion all of a sudden and having your hair just right. I think you finally are straying away from Nike a bit, and finally into more dressy clothes. You love shoes, Pugs, music and video games. You ask a lot of questions and want to know about everything going on in the world.You have talked a lot about a career in the medical field too. You really want to be a nurse or even Dr. You have gone through so much and know all about compassion. You carry kindness and a bright smile wherever you go regardless of the day you may have had. You have had some off and on stomach issues the last few months but you continue to be the bravest person and biggest hero I know. One day we were in the car, and I said.. I wish I could take it all away from you as I teared up. First you said, as always"Don't cry mom, please!" which I said, "I am sorry...I just love you." You then went on to say that God gave you this for a reason and He knew it was for you. That somehow it was meant for good and God would use it some way. It is not for you mom to take, it is for me. Okay I am crying again typing this, your faith is remarkable. I guess that is how God works, He gives us beauty from ashes and sunshine from the deepest holes in life. Drew you are my sunshine!! You make me smile and I love to take care of you no matter what. Everyday is a new day with videos, jokes and dancing. You are a great brother, friend and the kindest soul that I have ever known. I love you son, Happy Birthday!!
Your faithful friend, who loves you just as much
model hair
Perfect for you!!

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