Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Our house is finally finished

After 5 months of living with concrete floors, dust and a mess everything is complete. TV is moved, new chairs added. I'm really liking the new arrangement it gives us a much better focal point. Before the fireplace was to tall and it competed with the tv wall. The floors have different shades of wood with mostly dark planks and it's hard scraped. I really love them!! So far they are holding up well and if a scratch comes it seems to blend in. The house feels so much cleaner with wood floor and I do think everyone's allergies are better. We just put the curtains back up a couple weeks ago 
The fireplace was moved about a foot down and I can't believe how that effected the scale. I swear if something is off on in a room I can't help but be bugged by it. That always drove me crazy, so I am happy now!!
 New chairs, new end table, new clock. I may need something on each side of clock but nothing has came to be yet. I have the curtains up now.
 I love these curtains so much, they used to be in my bedroom  but they work perfect in the living room. They are so heavy and lined way above my sewing ability.
It's really hard to see the floor color in the top pictures because my house has tined windows which create shadows but these are at night with light on. 
Bad picture but I am so proud of how this turned out.
I also got new tile in my small mudroom area and powder room. Feels like a new house. Now we need to do our bathroom next ): Always something. That's pretty much it although the kids bathrooms will need some work but nothing urgent. I'm thinking about adding some barn doors in the kids bathrooms we have that whole to many doors and tight spaces thing going on. I feel like I can kind of relax a bit it's been stressful living in our house having everything ripped up at once. 

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Table project, lamp project and new lights

I am so far behind on blogging but want to stay with it. I have tons of pictures on my computer to share memories, projects and more. Back in the spring, I saw a table on Pinterest that I loved so much. I really loved the finish and size. I happened to have a old outdoor table ready for the trash  from years ago. Sometimes things just come to me and I thought about using it as a new top and making a new table. I went to Lowe's and bought new legs, I accidentally bought ones that were to long but we were able to cut them down. Rob is really good at exact measurements. I have the ideas and he executes the plan. He says the table was not easy because it was not square. We made a apron to go under the table on four sides and added the legs.
To achieve the weathered look it was a mix of two whites. One more cream and one more white. I stained it with Weathered Oak and then added some Jacobean and wiped away.
A lot of mixing and a wet rag and I was able to achieve a similar looking table.
I changed out my light in my office and changed out my sitting room light too. With all the house work I got on a little role changing things around and getting some new things.
Found this cute little terrarium on vacation, loved the finish. 
I have had this lamp a few years, I have no idea why I bought it. It's not really my style it has that funky modern look that people were mixing with traditional styles a few years ago. I repurposed it and used my stash of oyster shells to make a whole new lamp. I just love use what I have. Right when I think I need something new I start brainstorming, I saved myself time and money looking for a new lamp. I love the colors of oyster shells.
I priced oyster shells lamps and they were not cheap. So I was thrilled to make this for nothing.
Much more to come... And pictures of my house and new floors
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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Happy 12th Birthday Drew

Dear Drew,
Today you are 12 yrs old!! Just like Jaden it seems like yesterday that I held you in my arms. You have always been my sweet buddy. This year you are becoming more mature and know who you are. You love to talk about social injustices and standing up for all wrong doings in the world. Your favorite activity is watching social experiments on YouTube and anything silly or crazy. You are a funny guy and always make us laugh. You love to tell us about funny stuff and cool stories you read about. You are also a big time charmer, your wife will won't be able to get enough. This year you have gained confidence and know who you are and care less about what other think. I am so proud of you in this area, you seem to like what you like regardless of others. You are into fashion all of a sudden and having your hair just right. I think you finally are straying away from Nike a bit, and finally into more dressy clothes. You love shoes, Pugs, music and video games. You ask a lot of questions and want to know about everything going on in the world.You have talked a lot about a career in the medical field too. You really want to be a nurse or even Dr. You have gone through so much and know all about compassion. You carry kindness and a bright smile wherever you go regardless of the day you may have had. You have had some off and on stomach issues the last few months but you continue to be the bravest person and biggest hero I know. One day we were in the car, and I said.. I wish I could take it all away from you as I teared up. First you said, as always"Don't cry mom, please!" which I said, "I am sorry...I just love you." You then went on to say that God gave you this for a reason and He knew it was for you. That somehow it was meant for good and God would use it some way. It is not for you mom to take, it is for me. Okay I am crying again typing this, your faith is remarkable. I guess that is how God works, He gives us beauty from ashes and sunshine from the deepest holes in life. Drew you are my sunshine!! You make me smile and I love to take care of you no matter what. Everyday is a new day with videos, jokes and dancing. You are a great brother, friend and the kindest soul that I have ever known. I love you son, Happy Birthday!!
Your faithful friend, who loves you just as much
model hair
Perfect for you!!

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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Happy 14th Birthday Jaden

Dear Jaden,
Today you are 14yrs old!! I say it every year, I can't believe it but the years are just flying by. It seemed like yesterday that you were my little man going to the grocery store with your ball cap on. I took you everywhere and you were the most curious little guy. As you have gained self confidence and maturity this year I have gained such value from learning from you. They often say you are supposed to be a parent and not your kids friend. I don't know if I agree with that 100%! I think you can be both as long as the respect is there. You have always been respectful to dad and I. You seem to generally care what we have to say. You love to discuss and share your thoughts on our world. We are always here for you and will care for you like parents do but also as our closest friend. You are fun, and more importantly have a witty sense of humor which is thoroughly entertaining. Drew last night went on a rant about Harambe the gorilla that had to be shot after the child fell in the enclosure. Drew was in outrage for the gorilla and as you two went back and fourth debating the facts about the gorilla. He said, "Imagine if you were poor Harambe, and your replied, "I would be dead." okay it was truly hilarious. You come up with stuff that is so funny, it keeps us going. You know so much about tech stuff, and pretty much everything going on in our world. You are a life learner always learning more and more. You love Star Wars, Cats, Lego's, video games, books, Youtube, movies, shopping, and more. You have a love for shopping and preppy clothes, you are my child! You know style, if I have a question I know who to ask. You are incredible thoughtful and kind but often don't show emotions. Just recently Drew has been sick and I told you I had to reschedule your party and you reply was that you just want to make sure Drew is okay. You argue with him but it's evident you and him are best friends. Sometimes you are still a bowl of overwhelmed stress thanks to your mothers genes but you are learning it can serve you well. You are very responsible and punctual and can engage with just about anyone on any topic. You have a high moral compass and have high standards. Just remember some of the stuff in school won't matter in a week or two so just do your best. I always tell you to try your best and God will take care of the rest. I have no doubt about the success you will have in your life. You are wise beyond your years it is truly remarkable. Mom and Dad are both so proud of you. You are extremely driven, creative and I would not change one thing about you son. Happy Birthday, we love you so much!!
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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

First Day Of School

Lauren is a big 3rd Grader now!!
First day of school is always a bitter sweet day. Another year and the kids keep growing and changing so much. I am so happy that they are growing up and learning so much. They are becoming their own special people. Sad that it's going so quickly and that I do miss them during the day. I enjoy a little break but think of them so often throughout the day. My time with them is precious and I enjoy them!
Lauren and her new teacher this year, both of her teachers are great!
8th grader
 Big 6th grader
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South Padre

We had a nice little getaway right before school started last month. We have never been before and had a great time. It took about 6 hours to get there. It's right on the border of Mexico so way down there. The water is way better then Galveston but not as good as the gulf shores. There were lots of great places to eat and a some fun things to do. It's a nice long weekend trip.

There is a really neat bird sanctuary that we loved. You could climb a tower and look out on the marsh and sound side of the ocean. Lots of neat birds, and we even bought feed and fed a bunch.
In the Florida Keys they have a Turtle Hospital so we are so happy to have one closer to us. Drew loves turtles so he was in heaven.
Best Salad ever!! I am a huge fancy salad fan. I could eat this everyday!!
The downtown area feels very Mexican. They had some cute little shops and the kids got some authentic Mexican souvenirs. 
My buddy!!
All my buddies
Back to school pictures to come!

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