Friday, August 19, 2016

Meet Hudson

Rob came home a few months ago after going to the Orvis store near our house. The Golden Retriever Rescue was there. He loved them so much!! I knew that we could not have a golden due to allergies. So after some researching and the kids asking for a while we decided to get a Golden Doodle. He is half poodle and half golden. He is going to be a medium size dog, which I like not to big and easier to transport. We picked him up last week he is already 4months old, which is kind of good since most of his baby teeth our out. He is a super sweet dog, and no he does not shed. No allergic reaction at this point!! We are really happy!! He is super smart, I taught him how to sit, shake, and lay in one day. His personality is very loving, they use these dogs for therapy dogs and for   people in the hospital. It's such a good fit and makes a great companion for kids.
Rob with his Orvis dog (:
He is so cute, he looks like a living Teddy Bear!! A huge Muppet (:
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  1. How precious, Katie!! Your kids are in heaven. :)

  2. Your family is beautiful and that dog is such a cutie pie ♥


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