Friday, August 19, 2016

Meet Hudson

Rob came home a few months ago after going to the Orvis store near our house. The Golden Retriever Rescue was there. He loved them so much!! I knew that we could not have a golden due to allergies. So after some researching and the kids asking for a while we decided to get a Golden Doodle. He is half poodle and half golden. He is going to be a medium size dog, which I like not to big and easier to transport. We picked him up last week he is already 4months old, which is kind of good since most of his baby teeth our out. He is a super sweet dog, and no he does not shed. No allergic reaction at this point!! We are really happy!! He is super smart, I taught him how to sit, shake, and lay in one day. His personality is very loving, they use these dogs for therapy dogs and for   people in the hospital. It's such a good fit and makes a great companion for kids.
Rob with his Orvis dog (:
He is so cute, he looks like a living Teddy Bear!! A huge Muppet (:
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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

My House Repairs And...

This is what happens when a enormous amount of water hits your house from some sort of leak. This was a scary night!! We had lighting all night long for hours, no power and had to sit in the closet a few times because of Tornado's. It took a couple weeks to get Serve Pro out to remediate the situation, we had tape and blowers everywhere. That was step one, then we had to figure out what caused the issue and get repairs then it was onto the inside. All of this and dealing with insurance is enough to make you go crazy!!
This is when I stared to get happy again, once the work stared we were not waiting and waiting for estimates and insurance adjusters. They were swamped with calls due to all the flooding in Houston so it was a long process.
All new drywall, molding, and floors to come. I had my fireplace lowered it was to high for the room and I had molding added. I figured right now would be the best time to get everything done. I showed the carpenter two different pictures to create what I wanted, wish I had his skills. We also moved our TV above the fireplace. That was never my ideal location but for this house that is the best location.  It gives us more room for seating and it really does look so much better as the focal point, love it!
blowers loud and noisy. It was living a scene from Dexter with the plastic tarps everywhere. I could not help but think about Dexter, I know very morbid.
We decided to replace all flooring in the whole house and ripped out every inch of carpet. I am so happy not to have carpet. With having kids with allergies, a cat and now a new member of the family I can not deal with it. The kids love animals as do I but hate the hair. Lauren and Drew have allergies bad, but yet we have cats. I wash the cats, use allergy product on their fur and constantly brush and clean. One may have to go outside ): 
My new floor!! I love the guys doing my floor. They are so good and do everything the right way. They level everything. I can't imagine ever installing wood floor myself. It is unreal how much work this is and how the floor has to be level.
A sneak peak, you can see my fireplace a little too. They are currently finishing the upstairs. I can't wait till this is behind us!! I do feel like we got a new house though, it looks so nice!
Yes I am officially crazy!! The kids have been asking... sadly we had to get Champ a new home last year after five years he decided he did not like kids anymore ): It was so hard but he has a new home with a older lady. I will post more pics soon. These kids deserve this after the last few months. 
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