Tuesday, July 19, 2016

My yard and nature

This summer we have had so many animals. I have seen four snakes, owls, baby bunnies, lots of birds, tons of squirrels and a turtle found down the road.
My summer wreaths

The boys found this turtle coming home from school one day. She lived in our backyard for a couple weeks and went on her way. She wasn't the friendliest of turtles but the kids loved her.
 love hydrangeas
I tried planting flowers in my pots that would last year after year. Not sure how well they will do but so far so good.
These owls were such a gift to me a couple months ago!! They just made my day, I had a total of three in one evening. I see them every week so they must live in the empty wooded lot next door. They are so beautiful!! They screech at night and make the most unique sounds. I think they love my house because I feed the squirrels. They must enjoy the plethora of squirrels as I have noticed a decline recently.
I'm so happy how my backyard is shaping up. I moved some things around and we had our back patio recovered with a rain shield roof. It's all coming around and looking as I planned.
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  1. Beautiful!! We have a pair of Great Horned Owls that live back behind us in the greenbelt. I love it when I can hear them hooting to each other.


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