Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Birthday Lauren

Dear Lauren, 
When I think of you and your story I am so blown away by God's bigger plan for each of us. I never knew that I was going to have a little girl and especially one as special as you. Each year you teach me so much about being a mom and about myself. For example, I sometimes had trouble being who I truly wanted to be when I was your age and even older. I would be what others thought I should be or fit in to whatever role I should be. When I see you with people you are always who you are, and people love you!! It's such a great example to others and I am proud that you like who you are!! Kids are drawn to you and you are so unique in so many ways. This year you did not ask for dolls, or anything girly not a surprise but your interested in such unique activities. You love the Titanic, the story of the details of the Titanic, and the movie Titanic (except for the kissing parts). You love Science and experiments. If you could work in a fun science lab each day you would. You love to see cause and effect, potions and ingredients. You also love weather, you have been on a weather kick for a long time, Tornadoes are you specialty. Being with you is fun and you are entertaining. You still love video games, we have to limit you on that but you are getting better at understand our reasoning. You are naturally good at technology and love to create. So many things make you special to me. Some days you like to test me still but in the end you are always deeply sorry and in those moments I feel grateful that you come back to me with remorse. We are in this together, remember mom makes mistakes too and it's okay. We learn from saying the wrong things or being crabby or being selfish and God still loves us completely slamming doors and all. There are so many things I love about you and your spirit. You are spirited but this is a very good trait that many people do not have and it's what makes our world better. You can handle yourself and know how to handle difficult people. You are a peacemaker but also not one to put up with unfairness. You are becoming one strong woman. Nothing will stop you, you can do whatever you dream as long as you work hard. I have seen you push yourself and with your spirit, watch out world. I love to watch you grow physically and spiritually with kindness abounding your heart. 
I love you~Mom
My beautiful girl

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  1. I am so glad you get to be her Mommy, Katie. You do a beautiful job. I was praying for your little munchkin in the hospital last week. God bless you.

  2. What a great personality! Happiest to her!!!

  3. Happy Birthday. What a sweet heart.


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