Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Life Is A Marathon

 We have had a crazy couple months. I did not even have the words to post what has happened to our  home. At this time our house is referred to Alcatraz. A couple months ago Houston got another huge storm/flood. It woke me up at 3:00am to the sound of lighting/thunder and crazy wind. I immediately checked my phone and there were tornado's in the area. We had to get the kids in the storm closet twice that night and the kids were cancelled from school for a couple days. Luckily we did not have a tornado but we had wind damage and some roof leak that came into our house and ruined all our floors. So dealing with insurance and contractors and living in a mess has not been pleasant. We got hit again last week with another flood. This area has not seen this amount of water in years, and it has created many issues. I will post pictures soon, but it is all depressing. We are able to live in the house but it is going to be some time until everything is fixed. The show must go on. So during all this we have had end of school activities and Drew has not been his best. Not exactly sure what is going on there. We have visited the Emergency room twice with not a lot of answers just inflammation in his intestine. Not sure if his medicine is still even working. To say the least it has been a lot. I am relying on our faith to get through this not so pleasant time and knowing that there is a reason for all of this. The house will get fixed and we will be okay, it's just a lot to handle at once. Life continues, the good and the bad. One awesome thing is summer break is here so I can rejoice!
Lauren tried something new this year, swim team. So far we really like it but it is a lot of commitment  as far as practice and early morning meets. Lauren likes everything so it is hard to pinpoint exactly what she loves. We are trying to get her to stay committed and to work hard. Last Saturday she had a really good meet. She worked hard and had a good attitude. It's so nice to see her be proud of herself. She has some really nice friends at swimming so it has been positive.
Lauren was happy to be put in the freestyle relay Saturday.

Jaden took the ACT earlier this year (7th grade) through the Duke TIP program. He did well enough to qualify for state recognition. My mom even came to see him get his award at A&M. Last friday we drove up for the awards through yet another storm. Houston has been underwater for 2months now it seems. Through the heavy rain we pursued... so very excited for him only to receive notice that it had been canceled due to flooding. So many parents were disappointed. We ended up driving up there since we were almost there. It was worth it, since we were able to tour the campus and take pictures. I felt bad for all the kids since this is such a academic accomplishment.
Nana and Jaden
Love this picture, proud mama
I have some more pics to post soon that are on my camera.
Drew received a Citizenship award. I am so proud of him. He missed so much school this last 9 weeks but still maintained good grades and a good attitude dealing with lots of pain. Not many kids receive awards probably only about 75 out of 700 kids. He is a great kid!!
Lauren received all A's again. She also received class Sweetheart. They have these adorable class awards that her teacher made up and framed for each child. Her teacher is absolutely amazing and a beautiful lady inside and out. 
More to come soon!!! 

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  1. I was wondering what damage y'all had gotten. :'( I'm so sorry!!!

    Yes - swim team is SUPER time intensive!!! My kids have never gotten to try it - too many other things they're not willing to give up for it. :-P

  2. Katie, I'm so sorry you've been flooded!!! I'm sure it's so disheartening. Hopefully it will be fixed better than before as soon as possible.

    Your kids are dolls and I know you are so proud. :)


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