Monday, June 27, 2016

CO Trip Part 1

We set off last week for our family trip to CO. We met up with Rob's dad and wife (grandma Terri) and Rob's sister and brother and all their kids. They all drove in from AZ. It was a big family reunion that was loads of fun. We all get along great and the kids have never met it had been years since we were all together. We all agreed way to long but I am glad we went. Family is everything to me and I want my kids to see how important it is to be with those that you love. Saying all this it was a long drive around 17 hrs. The kids actually did great, thanks to tablets and wifi!! We made it to Amarillo and stopped at Cadillac Ranch, The Big Texan and spent the night. The next day we decided to keep going through Santa Fe and just drive into Durango.
I guess this is one of those places you can say you have been.
We did not eat the 72oz steak challenge but when we were there someone was trying. Cool place, the steak was really good!! We stopped at this place that had all the stations of the cross. I have almost the same picture of Jaden when he was about 4 helping Jesus with the cross.
We stopped in Santa Fe and had to visit this beautiful and historic catholic church. We even lit a candle and added prayer requests.
Drew is to funny, The Dab with the statue. We finally made it to beautiful Durango
Lauren and her Cousin Cheyenne, they were instant friends. 
Rob with his dad and siblings
Drew with his grandparents
Here we are in the middle of nowhere watching the Cavs game on an old TV, we were going crazy so glad they won!!
My boys growing up!!
love these pictures, such a beautiful day. We took a hike and stopped at this beautiful creek
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  1. What an awesome vacation! I am glad you could have a fun adventure.


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