Friday, April 15, 2016

New Orleans Spring Break

Over Spring break we decided to go to NOLA a few days. It's always an adventure in the Big Easy. We saw our fair share of weirdo's and oddities. The kids enjoyed the museums, and just taking a trip.
The kids tried real bugs at the Insectarium Cafe. I tried the chocolate chip cricket cookie to be a good sport, it wasn't to bad but just the thought...yuck. This museum is everything bugs. It's a really neat place if your kids enjoy bugs and seeing metamorphosis of butterflies.butterflies were so cool!!Cafe Du Monde, love beignets and Chicory Coffee. We call the coffee Cocaine Coffee. WWII Museum was wonderful, if you like history this is the place to go. 
The kids below at Mannings Peyton Mannings restaurant. They had a great time playing this basketball game. We had an amazing waiter. When I got up with the kids to play basketball he asked Rob about us adopting Lauren. He shared how he was a christian too and when he saw us it brought him hope and encouragement and he wanted to pray for our family. It is so cool when God brings you a connection with a complete stranger especially in New Orleans.
On the way out of town we stopped by and went through a New Orleans Graveyard. Very interesting and beautiful!!
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