Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A day In The Life Of A Mom

Not really in a day but over a few weeks. Being a mom is amazing but I surprise myself in how much I can get done in a few days. The kids are at a fun age but at times it's louder then ever. Jaden has had a lot of projects this year, here is yet another project. This one was really fun, I actually love to help with projects. It's just a matter of getting supplies and diving in. This was actually quite easy It was a cell model. 
Lauren did really well in basketball. Next Sunday is her last game. In two weeks she is staring swim team. I am excited, this is brand new for her and all of us. She showed interest and it's good for her to be active so we will see.
I never posted these funny pictures of my friends Allison, Jen, and I at HomeGoods. I love HG so much, I just wish we had another one close by. This one is extremely crowded and picked over. As soon as it goes out it is gone. So anything really unique or a great value is gone in seconds. Maybe we will get one right by my house, that would be perfect!
Lauren making her selfie duck face. She is to funny, she is not into girly selfie talk so she thinks she's funny, which she is. She's all ready for Go Texans Day, a Texas holiday, ha ha. It's the start of the Rodeo here in Houston which is a big deal.
 Our cats, who would have thought that these two animals would bring my children so much joy. They are fun, sweet and overly affectionate at times. These two have a love/hate relationship but you could never tell from the picture. Crosby was blessed in the looks department for sure!
My perfect center piece!!
Look how cute Lauren is, these spring pictures are usually cheesy but I loved hers. Jaden on the other hand had butterflies and a pose that made me crack up laughing. Who ever did our elementary pictures deserves a round of applause. A 7th grade boy however in a girl pose sitting in a garden is to much, I am laughing again. I can't wait to see Drew's! I am sure he hammed it up.
Meet Nikola Tesla!! Drew dressed up as Tesla for his school wax museum project. It's just like it sounds, the kids line the hallways dressed as famous people. It's really neat and enjoyable to walk through. He did a great job!
At least I am caught up a bit, over spring break we went to New Orleans and I will post those pics soon. 

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  1. Fab update! So funny about spring pics - they almost always look too cheesy to me, too! :-D


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