Monday, February 1, 2016

The table that was almost trash.

You are looking at my former kitchen table. I have had this table for about ten years. I really liked it but it was getting beat up. I put it outside until I decided what I wanted to do with it because I thought I could possibly use it outdoors. This is when things got bad...really bad. I noticed a little bit of water damage under the paint but figured I could sand it out once all the stain was removed thinking that it was solid wood.  Little did I know that the inner top slated parts of the table was particle board. Sometimes it hard to tell because the rest of the table is wood. I decided to strip it one day and as the stripper sat the thin pieces of veneer and then particle board pealed. Oh No!! See things don't always go as planned. I started to rip it up thinking I would just replace the inside boards, but It was a mess at this point and I about pitched it but in a last ditch effort I thought I could take a small piece of thin wood and glue it to the top as in a new table top. I also decided to make this table into a sofa table. I love the legs, they are big heavy farmhouse legs and table shape previous was a square so I didn't think that would look great on my patio anyway.
Bad camera pick but you can see the top. The very top picture is the table sawed in half by yours truly by some sort of cutting device I found in the garage. Where there is a will there is a way. I had Rob help me attach the legs from the other side of the table onto the one piece of table to make it half as big. We just used screws to screw them in. Once that was done, I added the top.
I measured and went to Home Depot where they cut me my exact measurement. I placed the new top over the mess with strong adhesive. I left the original edges and sanded the new top into the old table making the edges seamlessly blend with the old table. You would never know two coats of a homemade chalk paint and I have a new usable table.

 For now it is in the craft room but I am so happy how this turned out, a new piece of furniture from trash basically. Before you throw out a old piece of furniture because of a ruined top, think about this first.
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  1. OH. MY. GOSH. You are so gifted for this!!! I have no décor vision whatsoever! :-P I stick to dance choreography. ;-)


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