Wednesday, December 14, 2016

A few more decorating pics

I had some better lighting this day. I wanted to add a few more pictures of our house this Christmas year. Only a few more days until Christmas break!!

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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Christmas Fun

Buddy is back...I want to know how this got started. I enjoy the magic of Christmas and all that but this thing is work. If Buddy stays to long in one area I feel guilt. I had Jaden and Drew in charge for a while but Buddy got very bored and simply did not move. He also would end up in very odd areas like the bathroom. Buddy's life is really on the line considering we have a very ornery chewer puppy on our hands.  
Lauren loves this so much and what do moms do (:
I think I am at this point lately. I have been writing out Christmas cars, buying gifts and doing my normal day to day. Rob has a very busy schedule at work so I have to get my Sonic in the afternoon to keep this house going. 
 I can always make time for a lunch with friends. I have some very sweet friends and it's so refreshing sharing all our parenting adventures.
Don't forget to throw in a school project during the Christmas season. Lauren is very proud of her Mars project. She is very motivated and even made reminders on post it notes when the project was due. She took her own notes and I helped her come up with a plan.
Lauren and I went to the Nutcracker with her Girl Scout group on Sunday. It was beautiful but I guess Lauren and I are more alike then I realize. We both looked at each other within 10 minutes and we could read each others thoughts. The costumes and talent are wonderful, but its very calming and slow. I am glad we got to experience this but ballet is not our thing.
It's a great opportunity and if you love ballet then this will be a dream come true
Today I am volunteering at school and tomorrow Lauren has her class play. I can not wait to see her in action!! 
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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

My Christmas Trees 2016

Merry Christmas to all!! I know we are just starting that wonderful season but I could not wait to take some pictures. I am of course always running around crazy trying to get everything done. I have the house almost finished. So much work going up and down the attic stairs, but I did it!! I just bought a few more little trees the other day but those can wait. I wanted to post my front porch and tree's today.  If I have a minute and when the house is all clean maybe I can get a few more. We just got back from  Thanksgiving vacation so there is stuff everywhere. 
I added some red after I had it looking super neutral. When I visited my mom she had a black door with a traditional red bow and red accents and I forgot how much I loved that classic look.
 I still have a neutral tree this year with light blue accents. Half of the trees lights died ): I love this tree so I just added more lights.
There is a really big owl in there!! See it?
I added a little more sparkle this year with some gold. All these years everyone has been removing gold everything and it's back in style. I have always liked it small doses. I hope you enjoyed my trees!! I love to see everyones decor

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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Halloween, Rob's birthday

This picture!! Hudson is smiling. The kids wanted him to be Chewbacca. I found a old belt and added some duct tape to make it look more Chewy like. Hudson left it on for about 30 seconds and I struggled to get his picture.
Jaden and Drew are getting older so my days are numbered on the Trick Or Treat fun. Drew found this awesome Pug mask at Target. Jaden is that creepy Anonymous from Youtube, and Lauren is Ray from Star Wars.
We have the coolest neighborhood for Trick or Treat, we all have big yards so there are houses on a map that pass out candy. We all loaded into Rob's truck along with my two awesome friends and all our kids. There were Haunted Houses set up and even food at some houses. It was fun by all!
The dog is great but it's like having a little kid. Everywhere I go he wants to go!! If I don't give him enough attention he acts out like a toddler. Everyday he begs to go get the kids from school!
Some of these pictures are off my phone so not the best but don't want to forget these memories. Rob turned 41, right before election day! 
So glad the election is over! I'm not a super political person but my kids really enjoyed following the election. I tried to explain the best I could about the candidates, their ideas and what they believed in or wanted to change. It's not perfect but we are hoping to see positive changes in our country. It's been good for family discussions to talk about big topics and concerns.
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Saturday, October 29, 2016

office command center and getting organized...

I really wanted to re-do my office to be used more efficiently. The kids and Rob's schedules keep me so busy. I wanted one of those command centers I have spotted on Pinterest. They make is look so easy but sometimes the planning and finding the right system is tricky.. I wanted something to put my notebooks in and something to hold files. I looked at 3-4 stores and could not find anything I liked. I also looked at my favorite go to catalog stores but they wanted $100. So...I made my own.
These are old cabinet doors that I happened to keep from a few years ago. Most of my stuff is stockpiled and then a idea comes to me. I bought some wire racks from Hobby Lobby and attached them to the old cabinet doors after I applied a gray wash paint.
I attached a few of these to hold the baskets and to hang, they worked well.
Started a little chore chart for he kids. So far...It worked for a few days. It's still sitting up there with jobs for hire. I do like that the kids can see the money and the jobs. So when they want something they can work for things. 
When we got the new floors I had to restrain the steps again!! They were the old floor color which was more of a mahogany and now it's more of a brown. Ahhh!! Not fun at all. With three kids, and pets it's almost impossible to get these steps to dry without people stepping on steps and not getting stain everywhere. I had to strip off the old stain and retain and seal. I hope I don't have to do this for a long long time. I do think I am feeling my age because this about killed me this time around.

I love these lamps!! I was at Hobby Lobby just walking around when I saw them. I am so impressed latley with some of their new decor. For a while they were in a rut of the same stuff for years. These lamps have linen shades and look really expensive. They actually have a finish that looks good not some cheap paint job.
I pulled out some of my topiaries which I love. I have always loved Topiaries!!
I really like our room, it's not to big but comfortable.
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