Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas 2015

 Another great Christmas for our family!! The gifts are getting more selective for the kids and although it is still so much fun Rob and I didn't have much to put together this year. The kids woke up not to early thankfully and this year they bought gifts for each other which was really special and what they seemed to enjoy the most.
 Getting ready for Santa, and his reindeer.
 Lauren is all about Nerf, fishing, and makeup (: Remember Caboodle's?
Santa brought Rob Costa sunglasses, he is happy.
Drew's big gift, PS4 that I wrapped it in 3 different boxes to make it extra fun.
Look at that face!!
Odell Beckham Jr. I here about this guy non stop. Drew just had to have some new receiving gloves.
Her favorite gift, a pink real fishing pole
Christmas Dinner and our traditional Happy Birthday Jesus Cake.
I hope all our friends near and far had a wonderful Christmas. Enjoy tonight celebrating with those you love the coming new year!!
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  1. Looks like a wonderful celebration! And YESSSSSS: Caboodle's!!!


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