Thursday, December 3, 2015

Baseball And Lauren's Award

A few months ago we were in full baseball mode, it ended a few weeks ago. As much fun as it is, it takes up lot's of time! Mostly it's the traffic to get to the field at rush hour. Life in a big city keeps me in the car quite a bit. Rob coached and did a great job of course.
My boys are growing up, everyone is getting so big all of a sudden. All three will pass me up very soon.
Lauren won her character trait of the month in Novemeber, look how tall she is compared to all the other kids. She seems to like being tall.
Lauren's sweet beautiful teacher. I love this for Lauren!!
 My parents came last week for Thanksgiving. It was so nice to have family close. I miss having my parents around. They moved to South Carolina so we won't see them to much except a couple times a year, it stinks. The kids really love seeing their grandparents and getting attention.

I have a blog hop I am involved with coming next week I will post more details soon. 
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  1. Katie, you have an adorable family. Congratulations to Lauren on her award. I love seeing these wonderful smiling kids! Looking forward to our Texas blog hop.

  2. Love all the smiling faces! Looks like you are keeping pretty busy! Wonderful children you have a lot to be proud of them for :-) Have a great night!


  3. More we have in common: my parents are in Charlotte! I can't stand how much more $$$ plane tickets b/t HOU & the Carolinas are!


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