Monday, November 16, 2015

Making Of A Mermaid And Paintings

My friend had a beautiful mermaid in her daughters room that I copied the idea from. It was so cute, so I took a few pictures and made my own. First I bought a huge piece of plywood and drew the shape of the mermaid the best I could. I messed her arm up a little but it's really hard to keep the jigsaw moving in a perfect fashion when it's time to cut.
To cut the inside part, I had to drill a hole to get the jigsaw in the interior of the arms. Next I went to painting my mermaid brown like Lauren and painted the tail a different color. The hair is made from rope by the foot from Home Depot. I used a glue gun and cut it to fit her head. Next I made a little headband out of a old pearl necklace. I keep all these odds and ends around never knowing when I will use them, but I usually get very resourceful. I added the starfish and a flower. Also the tail has scales made from Elmers glue. The glue dries and it it looks just like scales, before it dries I added some glitter.

I saw some really cute pictures from Pottery Barn, so I decided to draw and make my own. I think theirs said "Lake Water" but I am more of a beach girl. So it went to Saltwater. It was really fun to paint. The painting was not to hard but I had to blend a lot of colors. The same with the bottom one. Lots of mixing, I am a messy artist!! I love to paint, and I am not great but I enjoy doing simple creative pictures like these. These pictures had the neatest colors that just scream happy feelings!! Here is a idea how to start if your interested in doing your own. First find a image on Pinterest or the Internet that you can enlarge to understand how to create your picture, then use a pencil to draw it all so you can get your spacing correct. Once you have that done, you are ready to start. It takes lots of blending and different color paints to create the best effects. You will do a lot of erasing and if you mess up with the paint you can fix that too. Never be afraid to try something new.

I love this one too, love the colors!! This week I am getting my Christmas decor up. It's been fun but a little frustrating at times when my 3M hooks keep falling. I'm going back to my old stand by Tac's. 
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  1. Katie, all of these projects are amazing! You did a great job and I bet Lauren loves them.

  2. Oh, I love your mermaid. My daughter would have loved that in her room. I'm getting around to visit fellow Texas bloggers for the Christmas in Texas Blog Hop. My decorating is in full swing for Christmas over here. I'm so happy to meet a fellow Texas blogger. I'm a new follower.
    Have a blessed Thanksgiving. Your sweet family is adorable.

  3. This is so creative. My daughter would have loved this in her princess/mermaid phase! And we have the same "Whatever is.." sign hanging in our powder room.


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