Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloween Fun

My boys love the movie Napoleon Dynamite they just saw it this year. I personally did not like the movie when I saw it a decade ago but I must have been naive because now that I have meet some odd characters in life I find it very very funny. I suggested the idea a couple months ago and they both loved it,and boy do they play the part. Jaden for sure plays the perfect Kip.
Lauren was Rainbow Dash, she loves My little Pony so much.
So easy, I bought the socks off of Amazon, and the ears. I made the Tu Tu and she had the shirt.
Our neighborhood does Trunk or Treat since we have such big yards. At night they do hayrides and go from house to house. It's a pretty big deal and really fun.
Glasses, shirt, and moon boots all found on Amazon if your interested in recreating this look.
Kip, ha ha ha
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  1. Never heard of that movie, but the costumes are cool! Love the My Little Pony costume, so beautiful!!
    Looks like a fantastic Halloween :-)


  2. hahahaha---my grandgirls got on a Napoleon Dynamite movie kick this past summer and watched it about 10 times over a week's visit. I had never seen it before and found it quite hysterical really. So funny..the kids did it up great. "Kip" is a dead ringer! lol
    Lauren is as cute as a button with her cute little wings. Isn't it funny what they fall in love with each year? xo Diana

  3. I still can't get over how perfect the boys' costumes are!!! HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!
    Annelise loves My Little Pony, too! :-D


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